Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Saturday in the summer!

We had a very busy day yesterday, but one that was on the whole, successful. We started out with the Fugal (Lowell's mom's side) family picnic in Redmond Utah. This is about 1.5 hours from us which is a pretty far drive for our little men. It turned out okay though and the boys had a lot of fun with their "cousins". It was funny to me as I had no clue who any of these kids were, but the boys right away went with them and I had to fight my mommy urge to be right there with them and just give them some space to play with other kids. That worked out really well, they are getting to be such grown-up independent boys! Carter loved playing ball with Angel's daughter I think Lowell said that's who she was and she was very sweet to include him in their game even though he is small. Davis was enjoying the park equipment until the water balloons came out and both boys were all over that. First time with water balloons was a hit! They just popped them on themselves, but it was still fun! We had to wrangle them in the car but then they snoozed most the way home. That wasn't as long as they usually nap though and we noticed it that night at Orem's Summerfest. They were just rather touchy and we kept them up past 11 pm watching fireworks, so yea, they were VERY tired. I know how to get them to go right to bed now, but I don't think we'll make it a regular occurence. They had fun riding the carnival rides though and did better this year than last as they are bigger boys now. The rides were pretty reasonably priced too, I was surprised. For $9 they rode 5 rides, one that we did too. We used the money saved on carnival treats and the boys were certainly loaded on sugar in time for the fireworks. They liked them better this year than last also with Davis jumping up to "catch" the colors and Carter making friends with the family next to us. Such friendly kids, although Lowell and I felt a little left out as they chose to sit with that family's parents rather than us during the show but you know, whatever!
So fun times, we all survived and Lowell told me they slept in this morning and are taking it a little easy. I am glad as it is Lowell's father's day and I am stuck at work. Happy Father's Day to all the dads in blog land and especially to the world's best dad, my husband and also to my dad who I so wish we could be barbequing with tonight, but next year for sure! I have a father's day montage to post once I get the CD I am waiting. I just like this song and the CD came later than expected, but the real father's day post is coming. In the meantime we are just going to have a nice dinner with my kids' daddy and then dessert with Lowell's dad. Should be a good day! Have a good Sunday everyone!

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