Monday, June 23, 2008

Pet Peeves

I have spent the last hour browsing my friend's blogs so I thought I would pop in and ramble a little myself. Today's topic of the moment, pet peeves. For instance, these darling shots from the wedding on my boys and my youngest sister Cyndel. How come she got the only good pics from the day??? There's a pet peeve for you, and why can't 2 children look at the camera and smile, I mean like once a week? And how about how Cyndel, the baby, just got a cute little Jetta to drive. Did I get a car when I lived at home . . .no . . .those in the know might point out that I didn't even have a license until after I got married, bought my own car, graduated from college . . .but that is neither here nor there. How about work pet peeves, I bet you all have these. I work in a lab and I sit at my desk being busy (buying CDs on ebay) and people will come and drop off specimens to be run. Every time they drop them off they have a funny little quip, something to the effect of Merry Christmas or here's a present. It may have been funny once, but now it's just dumb, I mean every single person. I really want to say, hey if poop in a bag is a present, man I am not coming to your house on my next birthday, but no I smile, roll my eyes, and say thanks. Or how about how parents tell their kids that getting their blood drawn won't hurt. That is just a lie and it is mean and makes my job harder, the poor kid looks at me with the sad little eyes like I broke their trust. Believe me, I would tell them the truth, it will pinch a little but will be over quickly. My kids (thank the Lord) haven't had their blood drawn since they were newborns though, so I guess I don't know for sure what I would say. Which brings me to my next peeve, people who judge you and your circumstance without having been there themselves. You know the people, they are the starers as you drag your crying child to the car. The ones that roll their eyes when you bring your kids in a family restaurant, the mother at the store with one infant that gives you the "my kid is going to be so much better behaved than that" look. I bless them all with disobedient 2 year old twins. I have been seriously close to handing one of my kids over to them and saying, you try it! Wow, I am on a role tonight, such a great venting board!
Anyway, back to the real reason my 0 readers come to the blog, those cute boys who love their Aunt Cyndel--who I really do adore even if she has the cute car because she looks so darn cute in it and she is a wonderful helper who watches my kids for free and just wants to go to the zoo. We have had an okay week, we went to Cascade Springs for a hike yesterday and saw a snake--the boys will tell you all about it if you ask. Davis' new thing is saying "mom, mom, mom, mom" over and over until you answer, yes, and then he has nothing to say. Yep, drives me crazy! He had an "aha" potty training moment today though that has me excited. I put some cloth training pants on him and the moment he got wet (it was inevitable) he came running in, "wet, oh gross, wet" and then sat on the potty and finished. Yes, this is progress (did I mention diapers are uber expensive?). Carter was pleased as punch to run around in his wet undies but was not happy to have them taken off and switched for a diaper (on the way to the gym, I lost 3 lbs but the boys got written up for fighting, sigh). Carter was particularly off today, I am wondering if he has something brewing as he is acting very tired and cranky and I have a bit of laryngitis myself. Here's hoping it passes quickly.
So fun things ahead this week, tomorrow my sisters and I are going to brave story time at the library (note I did not say that I alone would brave it) and Wednesday I have talked Lowell into camping, hooray! We'll see how it goes anyway. Then starting next Monday we will be doing swim lessons for 2 weeks, and there's the 4th of July in there with lots of boom booms as Lowell would say (I think he is sticking to the legal variety this year, he's no fun!). In other news, Maxwell turned 5 (or 35 to those canines among us) on Saturday, he is all grown up! He enjoyed a bowl of milk (he loves it!), some watermelon, and wet dog food--party on. I am working on a birthday party for all 3 of the dogs soon, they all have summer birthdays and I figured I'd combine the fun. Stay tuned, there is a lot of crazy fun stuff to come!


Scott and Jillian said...

I hate those looks you get sometimes, too. I feel the same way. I want to hand them the kids and say, "You think you can do better? Sorry I'm not the perfect homemaker with the perfectly perfect looking kids and that I have ruined your day by having three year olds who are, well, three year olds!" Hahaha!

Brooklyn said...

Errr... I hate those looks too! Both my girls were screaming and crying when we left church the other day. Huge scene! My husband was somewhere else unfortunately. This couple stared at us the whole time and watched me drag my girls to the car. They sat in their mini van with the doors open just 2 parking slots away from me and watched me buckle my girls up while they screamed and through their temper tantrums. I think they were waiting for me to abuse my kids or something so they could call the police... at least thats what it felt like. I was too tired to be mad at my girls because I knew they were ready for naps but I felt like going over and slashing the tires on the mini van because they wouldn't stop looking at us.

It's good to vent about your pet peeves every now and then. :) Makes it so they don't seem as bad.

dodenbier said...


did you know i love you.

yeah i'm commenting on your little blog about me.

i'm special.

and you think i'm cute.

hehe :]

and p.s. i love your children.