Monday, June 9, 2008


So I am just coming out of my sick-induced haze to post again. Yuck, I hate having, "the crummies" as Lowell would say (From the Lorax, the Barbaloots had gas and crummies because they had no food in their tummies). I don't know where they came from but they sure hit me pretty hard in the midst of my busy work week, I haven't thrown up that many times in a day since I was pregnant (or since the Salmonella incident of '06?). Truth is I have had more crummies since having the boys than ever in my life. They both have had some tummy issues as well, with Davis throwing up twice, but have done pretty well. And Lowell has been feeling icky but not like me either, I am just the lucky one this time. Probably my fault for working so much and never sleeping, and still working out even though I feel lousy. Hey, they charge you if you don't show up and I figure I can be quietly walking and watching a show or chasing the monkeys around, which would really make me feel worse? Poor bubbas, Friday I was just exhausted from puking all night and weak since I still couldn't keep any food down so I laid on the grass outside while they played. They kept saying, "mommy wake up, mommy 'tet up". I know, I am a lousy mom but Lowell couldn't get off and that was the best I could manage at the time. I think I make up for it other times though. For instance, even though I was still pretty weak on Sunday (didn't make it to church lest I share my fun and I also needed to pick my mom up from the airport) Lowell and I still took the boys up to Tibble Fork again because they enjoyed it so much last time. I so want to take them hiking some more! I am thinking maybe Arches instead of Yellowstone, just closer. Hmmm . . .I am always scheming a trip! Anyway, they loved throwing rocks again and as you can see from the above shot, it was a gorgeous day. We also went to the dino musuem on Saturday and that's about it.
I am on the mend, still weak but eating almost full meals now and wishing I would have lost more weight while I was sick! I work the next 2 days but then have a couple off and then this weekend we will be headed down to Redmond, UT for Lowell's family reunion. The Fugal family are funny, it should be a good time. I'd like to go see the Manti pageant while we are down that way but Lowell reminded me that it doesn't start until 9:30 pm and our kids don't exactly sit well for things. Maybe next year. Not much else to report, kind of lame, but sickness is! Here's one thing, Lowell and I are rewatching all the seasons of Lost, talk about lame! We are such nerds, but seriously I love that show and I have a sad 8 month hiatus until it is on again so I thought I would rewatch it all and see if anything new comes to light. If anyone out there does not watch Lost, follow my lead and start from the beginning and then be ready for next year. It is the best show! Not much else on TV for the summer anyway . . .Enough boring stuff from me for one day, enjoy the cute pictures!

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