Thursday, March 4, 2010

Xtra Xtra Read all about it

Last week we had fun with X by going on a treasure hunt for X marks for the spot. I decided the place the boys would know well enough to follow a large map would be the zoo. I didn't realize until the night before that it was free day at the zoo, but really it wasn't so bad. It was snowing off and on so not as busy as one might expect in free-loving Mormon filled Utah. My dad and Cyndel joined me. I sketched a path on 2 maps and then had the boys follow it. Carter

Davis They were really quite studious with it, locating each animal along the path and then moving on to the next one. It was a great way to visit as the boys stopped to visit more of the animals than they sometimes do but also didn't drag their feet along the way. Really it worked out quite nicely. The last part of the journey had the paths divided so each kiddo could find the X on their own. Cyndel ran ahead to set up the prize:

Davis was the first to find it, he's saying "Arrh" for pirate treasure, because of course all treasure must be left by pirates. Each night as I put them to bed (really only half the nights as I am at work the others) I ask the boys what their favorite thing for the day was. I was impressed that Davey's answer that night was "grandpa". His second favorite thing was the treasure, so I say that ranks my dad pretty high. We're sure glad he can join us on some of our adventures.

Carter was pleased to find the treasure as well, though his favorite thing for the day was the penguins. To each their own. We sure love our Cyndel and are especially glad she stayed close to home for school, Salt Lake is just perfect, we get to see her all the time.

Grandpa and Carter on the way back to the van. Mmmm, we also enjoyed Einstein bagels that day, that's was my favorite thing :).
We saw a foX earlier in the week just strolling around by my parent's house so we took note of the X in it's name and the sound X makes fox.
And then we had Xrays done:

Okay, not really--the date says it was December 2nd, but yes I took pictures then anticipating X week and the limited activity options we would have.


Davis, we see Dr. Smith in AF (PG?) and we love him and his office--all Disney themed.
I actually did go to the dentist this week as well but alas no Xrays for me. It was odd for me to schedule my next appt in 6 months, it would be just 2 weeks from when I'll have this baby. I actually scheduled it for a week after so I'll be able to have Xrays and it was odd again to not have to consider the day of the week as I will not be working at that time (I plan on 8 weeks or so of Maternity leave). While 6 months is still a plenty long time away it surprised me how far I have come. Really 10 weeks is hardly anything, but there is some satisfaction in making progress, 25% there. Last week I thought I was starting to feel a little better, this week proved that wasn't so. But today hasn't been as miserable as others. And the other day I actually wanted to eat, was interested in food. So perhaps there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I have ultrasound appointment next Tuesday to check on a subchorionic hemorrhage that no one is really worried about but it is fun to get the bonus u/s. I am thinking about bringing the boys since they are so interested in the whole baby thing now and it may be more real to them if they can see it moving around on the little screen (me too!). This week as we have discussed car seats and strollers and baby names it is getting more real and more fun. I'll be nervous all the way through to the end but I am hopeful for a healthy happy person to join our family in just 6 months.
What else did we do last week? The boys and I went to farm country as per a request that didn't get fulfilled last week. They did well and I love winter there as it is so quiet. They also are having babies, a careful glimpse of spring. We saw the brand new baby lambs there yesterday still wobbly on their little legs. We also went to see Planet 51 at the dollar theater--I wouldn't recommend it. It was okay, but even the boys got bored with it and there were a couple of references that I thought were a little too much. I am resigning myself to the fact that we just may not do as much every week as we have in the past. That playing at home is not the end of the world. That if Carter plays Lego Star Wars for 2 hours but is quiet and content while I snuggle a vomiting/diarrhea Davis, well it's not stellar parenting but he probably won't be scarred for life. There's some memory, hand/eye coordination to learn from video games right? Mostly I hate the feeling of not being in control of my own person. Of not feeling like or being myself. But I'll hold on for that light at the end of the tunnel and hope for a better person to shine through on the other side. I'm already thinking about Lagoon passes for the summer and all the fun things to do with the munchkins as our family of 4. And just because we have an extra member doesn't mean I have to hang up my "Field Trip Mom" Sash--s/he just gets to come along for the ride. And when the boys are in first grade and my friends have left me for the whole day, I'll have a new little person to make friends with, one who is easier to transport by myself.
I hope all of your week's are going well--we're pretty well done with Y, so I'll update that soon. I wanted to recommend a blog for anyone who hasn't been there already: You'll have to go back a few pages to find the beginning of the "story" but this poor mom had her small son drown in their bath tub. She then sat with him in a coma at the hospital for 2 weeks. He then miraculously recovered and is doing well. Wonderfully her comments since they have returned home have been uplifting and inspiring. All about never taking the moment for granted or not giving your children your best. Highly recommended read!

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