Thursday, March 18, 2010

Z and Green Week

So Z week was delayed and not that exciting thanks to the evil cold that took me out for most of the week. I'm still shaking the last of the yucks from my head but thanks to Zofran I am feeling better. Not 100% but more functional than I have been in a while. Makes me so much more optimistic about life I must say. I've also thought a bit about my relationship with food. I love food. I like to eat and my weight challenges reflect how food makes me happy and also how it is stress relieving in some circumstances for me. So I have just put together that some of the depression from being pregnant is not being able to enjoy food. It is still a forced effort just to eat so to not have that joy in my life has been sad. Alas, the food is still out there and I will enjoy it again some day. In the meantime I am soaking up any sunshine I can get--including that brought to me by my silly little boys. We had a nice day last Friday so Friday fun day included 1.5 hours at a park and then a "picnic" in our backyard consisting of foods they had chosen from the store: Lunchables, Capri Suns, HandiSnacks, and Spiderman popsicles. Balanced diet all the way folks! :) So Saturday we finally made it up to the Zoo for Z week. Two earlier plans were cancelled due to illness and both on lovely days. So Saturday of course is was snowing/raining--wet, cold, yuck. We still stopped at the Dutch Store to get Lowell a Sammy (no lunch meat for me :() and I had to get a pic of Carter and his "duys--(guys)". Lowell's Star Wars bobble heads that he insisted on taking everywhere that week and now who dutifully watch over him in his bed. Though I noticed last night they are mostly "bad duys" (Darth Maul, Jenga Fett, and 2 assorted weird bad guys vs. Luke Skywalker) so not sure how protective they really are. Anyway, silly Carter boy.
Carter with his duys in a tunnel at the Zoo--shielded from the weather.
D and C under the umbrella
Unfortunately the elephants weren't out so we didn't get to see Zuri the baby for an extra Z word and recently both of the Zebras died, so just Zoo for Z week and we didn't even stay very long. Oh well. Big hoorah ending to our alphabet adventures--it has been fun though and a great way to try new things and have something to do in the long winter. After the zoo we went to see Disney on Ice. Yes that is kind of a "girl" thing to do, but this was Worlds of Adventure starring Cars (but it turns out for only 10 minutes, which we missed most of being late-darn). Davis has been really interested in going to see a live Disney show but none of them come to Salt Lake--so we went to Disney on Ice to somewhat appease him and you know what, he loved it all the same! He and Carter were mesmerized, barely moving for the whole first hour. We got front row seats in the upper balcony (just $2.50 more/ticket, so worth it!) so they could hang over the rail and see everything quite well. Of course they both said their favorite part was Mickey, another brief portion but those kids are Mickey fans. I thought it was okay, Lowell and I were both almost dozing but it was cute, the music was pretty good and it was fun to see the ice skaters. Fun time by all, and mostly worth the money.

Yesterday we had an especially fun day--St. Patrick's day! Lowell's family is Irish so each year we celebrate St. Patty's day a bit more than the average to honor his heritage just like we celebrate Dutch Christmas to honor mine.
The boys woke up to leprechaun prints throughout the house
And even on the window (gasp!) that messy leprechaun. It led out to his "treasure" in their swingset playhouse. Here they are finding it:

So worth the couple of bucks in random treats for their reaction--so easily pleased. We also went on a picnic to a park with Hillary and loved some smoothies and sandwiches and another1.5 hrs at a park. They met another little boy there and were fast friends. Then we had Lowell's family over for a big dinner and play time with the cousins. Added bonus, Becky and family recently back from Korea were able to join us, yea! Bummer-I slept through a good portion of it, I was so beat from back to back call nights and then keeping the kiddos busy. But I caught the tail end and some yummy food, potato leek soup with Irish soda bread, potatoes with cabbage and onions, and some glazed carrots. They had pork chops too--but they are on my food aversion list, so no go. Good times--oh and an assortment of green drinks which I was in charge of as well as pots of gold to hand out for everyone to take home too.

Here's another little clip of the boys from last week, just silly good fun.

And that's all for this week. We have been focusing on green and may do another color next week or perhaps a shape or just kick back. Hillary has been on Spring Break this week and we have Cyndel next week so we're just enjoying both of them and some nicer weather (even though it isn't so nice outside just now). Hope you are all well, loves!

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