Friday, March 26, 2010

What's on my camera this week?

I'll admit it, I'm not really feeling it tonight. But I did want to update the blog anyhow since it has been a while and since I have the weekend off, it will be a while again. Just not feeling great just now--headache and tummy ache. Some bowel issues too, but I won't go into that. And maybe a little down too, tired and just a bit irritated at the world (and the healthcare plan). Just one of those days I suppose, I will be my happy self by tomorrow I am sure, especially since my beloved gardens will be open again after a barely endurable 5 month hiatus (even though yes I still took the kids last week with my fav employee sister and yes we went sledding there on New Year's, so technically we have been there). Anywho, here's what's on my camera from this week: Gross, sorry but I wanted photo evidence of this NASTY bug I found in my food. At first I thought it was an olive so I had eaten some of the veggies already. Full body shiver.
We made a fondant cake for my sister Hillary's birthday and for a UVMOM project I was delayed in getting done. Davis was such a big helper--he was there for almost the whole time, 2 hours!
Carter used the opportunity to lick the bowl (getting batter in his hair) and to play wii. To each their own.
Davis carefully rolling out fondant pieces.
The finished product

Proud kiddo with the finished product, he was so excited to make it for his aunt.
Sick Hillary blowing out the candles. Sorry you were so sick on your birthday hon. And that I was so cranky too. Thanks Cyndel and Jarom for coming to play, my how the boys love you all.
Little C asleep with his Star Wars bobble heads tucked in with him. Behind them is his "Star Wars the Clone Wars" Easter basket. Oh my. Seems like a waste of money, but man those kids use them a lot and take them everywhere. And since I am thinking of a Star Wars themed Halloween this year, we can double them for that too.

This is what happens when Davis says, "Mom, we're not doing anything." They were "building a castle" in the bath tub. A mess and an accident waiting to happen but in the spirit of imagination I let them continue with the rule that they had to put everything away when they were done. And yes there were complaints (my eyes are SO tired, my feet hurt, I can't walk) but they did clean up.
Davis also had a sweet thought this week--I woke up to snow and mentioned how yucky it was and Davis said, "I think it is kind of like peace." And it was peaceful once I took the time to really look at it. And a little child shall lead them . .
Not pictured--lots of playing outside, another trip to Farm Country, a few visits to Target to get Toy Story 1 and 2 on Blu-Ray for only $7 each (including a free ticket to Toy Story 3 worth $8.50), and going to see Alvin and the Chipmunks the squeakquel. The boys laughed and enjoyed it, wasn't my favorite but okay. Also picked up New Moon and saw a short clip from Eclipse, excited about that--although I have to say the hair/eyes are different for each movie and from the short peak at Eclipse, I'm not sure I like this director's version of that. I've been reading Stephen King's new one, Under the Dome and while I can't say I would recommend it to anyone due to language, violence, sexual, and just plain disturbing content I am still intrigued by the concept of a town suddenly trapped by an invisible force and the break down of society that ensues. Also a good reminder to check my food storage.
Oh and baby #3 had check-up #2 and all is well. 10 lbs lost and I think I am headed up again so that will probably be it. Heartbeat was strong, 152 and quickly found. While I think I still look very much the same, baby has replaced fat and sleeping is becoming interesting. I keep trying to sleep on my stomach but it doesn't quite work. Time for a new body pillow I think. Also still hard for me to grasp there is a little someone growing inside even though I have seen him/her twice on ultrasound. I think when movement can be felt it will become more real. The nurses have assured me they will help me find the gender as soon as it is discernible so that is really only a few/couple weeks away. I will be 14 weeks Sunday. Very much looking forward to Easter next weekend--one more fun holiday and the last big candy holiday for a while.
That's it for us--I am going to curl up with my book and hope ER leaves me alone for a while. Loves!

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Love the castle in the tub! I remember those days...