Friday, March 12, 2010

Y? Because we love you!

So Y week had a bit of a bumpy start. My poor Davis boy was sicky sick (which yes has spread its way around but has [knock on wood] passed up Carter amazingly). Still we ventured over to BYU to honor the best Y around these parts. I had hoped for great weather and perhaps some hiking, at least part the way to said Y but it was not in the cards. You could hardly even pick it out on the mountain as it blended in with the snow so well. Maybe later in the summer. We went to the Creamery, uhhh . . .where's the Creamery. And while I'm at it, where's DT? So out of the loop. Yes I live in Utah but no, I actually rarely go to BYU. Kind of creeps me out really, not sure why. So for the past several years I have only been there to go to graduations and to get chocolate milk for our friend Sam. Didn't know they had torn down DT and rebuilt the "Creamery". Note, the new one is little and kind of lame. No sundaes. Just ice cream cones. And my silly little boys didn't want any! Davis I understood since he had been sick, but come on! We talked Carter into some and I had a scoop of red sherbet something or other. We then wandered about showing the kiddos campus, my old dorm (Fox Hall--hi Kristen and Erin!) and the building across the way of our silly friends (hi Mark, Scott, and Michael!). We walked through the creepy sculpture garden that used to scare me at night and then headed back to the car as Davey was going down hill. Lowell had to carry him and then he threw up several times outside the Bean Museum (which we've not been to, someday) poor bubby. I had my camera but didn't find anything photo worthy oddly enough. But there was our weak tribute to the "Y".
On a slightly more pleasant day we tried out a new park, the Olympic park in Lehi and it was great! We spend almost 2 hours soaking up some sun. Can't. Wait. For. Spring!

Carter giving me a Y
And Davis on the Yellow slide, it's a stretch I know.

Carter bug has been fascinated with Star Wars since he has gotten into playing Lego Star Wars on the Wii with Daddy. Davis, not interested--weird. So McD had Star Wars toys and I got some Star Wars fruit snacks that were on sale and just had to laugh as the boys were enacting all sorts of drama with the candy pieces. Davis is more or less tormenting Carter and stealing his snacks to eat. Carter took his to bed with him and everything! On a side note, Lowell also got Lego Indiana Jones and today at the park the boys played "Indiana Jones" for half an hour. Jumping across tables, finding treasure, cracking their "whips"--all with theme music of course. Too funny, so glad to see their imaginations budding, makes park time all the more fun. Having a twin brother does as well!
For Y we also played with Yeast (bugs--oh how we love to feed them to wake them up and then watch them grow!). Thanks for the idea from Amanda, we had ourselves some Yummy bread. I felt Rice Krispies counted as Y for Yummy as well, so we had that too.
And we worked in the Yard. The nasty snow melted (again) and daddy and Davis spent a good amount of time outside digging up the gardens together. Getting itchy to plant. Plus I can see my tulip buds poking out behind Davis's foot. Come on spring!

We also went to see Princess and the Frog, not sure if I mentioned that last week. We liked it okay, if a little dark for my taste. Some of the "voodoo" magic could have been toned down for me. We also went to see this little one:
Who is growing along just fine. Still a little area of bleeding that they are watching, but nothing too concerning I suppose. The little one was waving his/her little arm at us which was fun and the boys have gone on and on about it since. They heard the heart beat and would be happy to tell you all about hearing their "sister". Not sure where they got that, but they think it is a girl, as do we. A while yet until we'll know for sure. That appointment graciously led to the first Z of the week, Zofran. And not a moment too soon as I came down with a horrible cold that night (the Zofran took some time to get, but arrived in time to halt the 30 hours that I had been unable to keep anything down). It's been a lousy couple of days and I am just reminded of how it sucks that you can't take anything for a head cold while preggo. Oh well, forming a healthy baby is more important than my aching head, but I am still cursing it a little bit. I even took a sick day from work, which trust me, happens extremely rarely. But after working Tuesday night when I threw up 4 times and then had to draw a gal in the ER (while thinking if my Dr. knew just how dehydrated I was, I would be there myself) I decided I needed a day. Of course I am back tonight, but just treading water. Whine, compain, whine. Yep! But tomorrow we'll pick up Z week with the Zoo and then go to see Disney on Ice! Hooray!

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