Thursday, April 1, 2010

Here Comes the Sun

We had our first official trip to the Gardens this week and I found it fitting that "Here Comes the Sun" was playing as we got out of the car (on a Bee Movie).
Little Darling, it's been a long, cold, lonely winter. Little darling, it seems like years since its been here. Here comes the Sun, Here come the Sun, and I say, It's alright.

It probably doesn't make much sense to others, but the Gardens is just my place of respite. My breath of fresh air. For whatever reason, as I walk I just sigh and relax. It really is a long winter away, especially the first bit of this year as I have been sick and hormonal. But Saturday was a joyful day.
Until Mother Nature had better ideas and the weather turned icky including 2 inches of snow on the ground when I got up today. Ugh. Holding on to my inner sunshine . . .
We did manage another good day Monday for our UVMOM play group--an Easter egg hunt at a local park. So fun to see all our friends and you know the boys love all things holiday.
C&D with A

Cheesy Carter

Davis showing off his Star Wars basket
This one makes me laugh, I was cleaning up the kitchen and looked over to see the boys just like this:

They are carefully looking over the Toys R Us ad with many requests. I guess they have high hopes. Sadly I have not been to Toys R Us and don't really intend to for Easter this year. Don't feel too bad for them though, they are getting an above ground pool and Lagoon season passes.

Tuesday the wind came in hard and heavy so we thought, let's make lemonade, i.e. let's fly kites with grandpa! My parents live in a very windy locale so we drove up for a visit and my dad taught the bubs to fly a kite. We have done it before but this was the longest we've actually gotten them to stay up. Davis was really in to imitating grandpa and loved holding the kite on his own. Then we hit a park too, good day. Thanks Dad!
The next day was the beginning of bad weather so we hijacked my dad again for a visit to the aquarium. The new penguin exhibit was open and the boys were anxious to go, but I was worried that it would be busy. I was right! It was super crowded, thank goodness my dad came along. The boys really did LOVE love the penguins though, so it was worth it.
Sideways Davis watching a penguin swim by. If you haven't been in a while several new things have opened so it's worth the trip.

Carter is almost as tall as the penguin

C man just being cute sitting in a boat. We go by this photo op spot every time but most of the time I don't have my camera, so this time he was excited to get his picture taken.
I think that was about all we did this week. I am excited to dye eggs tomorrow and also for Easter parts 1 and 2 this weekend. Of course I will post extensively about it. We sure love our holidays.
On baby 3 front I had a fun time getting to see him/her down the hall at work the other day. I love our nurses, seriously the best gals anywhere and good friends too. The baby has gotten so much bigger and was just jumping all over the place. It's getting more real for me all the time, but seeing the little one moving was really fun and an eye opener about life inside of me. We got a quick flash between his/her legs and I swear I saw 3 lines which would be a girl but it is super early and it wasn't a good look. We'll peak again in a couple of weeks. For now it put a big smile on my face just to see the baby's heart beat and see how much its grown.
Finally, another preschool dilemma that I would LOVE anyone's take on. So I have been planning on putting the boys in the advanced class at the Legacy Center this fall. They have to test into it and with the exception of writing their name by themselves (we're working on it, fine motor is not their strong suit) they could get in the class and we have until June to master the name bit. The list of things they need to know is pretty much everything you need to know for kindergarten so I am assuming they will then move on to learn a lot of what you would learn in kinder. That had been my plan but today I started thinking about how much they like their current preschool, at the high school. And especially how the people there like them and care about them and are patient with them. Academically my kids may be ready for K, but socially, emotionally, and even physically (they still are having accidents--OY how I hate it. I'm starting to think it is ADHD related and may need medication to help, seriously they are 4.5 and HATE having accidents, I don't think it is laziness any more). The high school preschool has been very accomodating of the boys' challenges and I haven't had a single complaint about their behavior when you might remember that they were kicked out of their first preschool in 1 week. And they are still a struggle at church with special arrangements made just for them because they can't make it through singing time. We have such a good ward. Anywho, so I am starting to wonder if it may be better to keep them where they are happy and cared about but where they may learn less academically than to try a new school where they could excel in academics but it is a big unknown as to how their other issues may play out. The hardest thing is that I kind of have to decide soon, you have to register early before either is full. I want to sit down with their current teachers and ask about next year's curriculum. Will they just be learning the same exact things over again or do they change it year to year? I don't mind shouldering some of the teaching at home, in fact I know my kids learn best sitting at my lap or at the kitchen table with me. They know all that they do now because I have been working with them since they were in the NICU (no joke, I was obsessed about bringing in stimulation)--academics is kind of my thing and I have tried to surround the boys with learning toys so we could learn and play together. I have plans for the summer with sight words and progressing in their basic reading skills as well as more fine motor practice. I have no problem continuing to teach them next year but of course some of the social/emotional stuff I just can't teach them. And they really have grown in this school, academically too. Funny, today Davis didn't want me to leave (he usually does okay) and I walked him back to the circle and one of the pretty little girls they always tell me about just batted her eyes at him and asked him to sit next to her. I didn't get a second look, bye Mom--you can go now. LOL. Such flirts. Anywho, there's my drawn out preschool spiel, again. Yes, I overdramatize things but these are my babies! Any input would be appreciated! Oh and if I do go with the high school preschool I can choose from 2 days a week or 4--they do 2 now but doesn't 4 sound like a lot? Hmmm . . .
P.S. Thanks to Becky for sitting with my sleeping men last night so Lowell and I could go out. We needed it. Got to chase the pregnant crazies away--seriously I am so hormonal, watch out!


Tara said...

Maybe 4 days would be enough extra to give them something new next year and prepare them for kindergarten? And I think I may tag along with you to the aquarium this summer. And the gardens. I'll take pictures of your boys!

Janice said...

I don't know much about the preschool at the Legacy Center, but if I were you I would go with the program at the high school that has already been working well for them. I wouldn't worry so much about looking for a heavy duty academic program at this age and let them just enjoy their preschool experience (to use educational jargon it's more "developmentally appropriate"). Young children learn best through play, and they will still learn a lot with all the activities you do with them. Learning to get along with other children and function in a group setting are just as important to their future education as the more academic things.

Still, do whatever you feel is best. You're the mom and you know your children best. The Legacy Center preschool may be fine. I just don't know much about their program.