Thursday, January 28, 2010

R you ready for some Rs?

Sorry so late on my R report. I tried to upload the pics Tuesday and my camera suddenly died. After a few panicked hours that the new work computer had fried my essential friend, it turned out the batteries were just dead. Whew! So here we go!
R was kind of hard for me, because a lot of what I wanted to do wasn't feasible in the winter (go away already! Except S has been great in the winter, so whatever!). We wanted to go play in the Red Rocks, drive Racecars, and go Rafting. All out of luck--pooey, maybe we'll try it again this summer. But we did find some things to do. Monday we went to Jumping Jacks with Reva, A and A--so we counted that for playing with the Rasbands. Then we went to find River Rocks which proved to be harder than I thought--they don't plow the walks in the winter? But we hiked into Nunn's park and shot a few pics before my feet got too cold: Davis
Then we found an unexpected friend who really spiced up the trip (both boys said it was their favorite part of the day):

A poor dirty and cold, not to mention stuck Raccoon. His little eyes were so sweet--but yes I know raccoons are mean and have Rabies, so we didn't get too close but he was stuck in a dumpster so we were pretty safe. The boys thought he was SO cool. I was just sad for him so we played Diego and became Animal Rescuers--Operation Raccoon Rescue (yes, he saved R week too!). We got him some food, something to keep him warm (Lowell thought he was injured and I said that's okay, at least he'll die full and warm) and a way to climb out. My sister-in-law was kind enough to check on him the next day and he was gone--yeah! Mission Complete!
We also talked about the color Red and had some Red candies:

Davis, I really like this shot

And Carter--he wasn't happy after preschool that day.
We also made Red JELLO Rs:

And went to the aquarium to pet the Rays (and see a Rubber Eel and Amazon River Giants). Thanks Cyndel for coming along--and silly me for forgetting my camera! It was super busy that day (booo) but we did have fun and the rays were particularly friendly that day.
So, there's R for you. I can't think of anything else very exciting that week--clearance sale at Children's Place and Leap Frog?
Preschool is going okay, the boys are behaving well enough to stay in which is great but they are disgruntled with going. Not sure why, mostly I think they are bucking against the structure which they interpret as, "I hate my teacher". They talk about friends and fun things they do at school but I have to admit it is hard to make them go when some days I'd just assume keep them home with me so we can play. My house and puppies do benefit (today I cleaned Davis's closet and walked the dogs) but it is hard for me to make them do something they don't want to do, especially when it involves dropping them off and leaving them. I know, have to grow up and let them go sometime. Sigh.
We are still struggling with colors and I still have no idea why. Any thoughts? We have been working on it for years and I feel like we are not making any progress. I have thought about it being color-blindness but they can match colors 100% correctly, they just struggle with the names. They can name 26 letters, but not 5 colors?? Some times I think they are just playing me or being lazy (Davis will answer Bluegreenpinkyelloworange when I ask). And they are getting pretty consistent with red and blue so we'll keep trying. Lately if they want a treat first they have to tell me its color, such award driven children! Well, stay tuned for S week, we are having a lot of fun and I already can't wait for T next week. Loves!

P.S. Drats I knew I'd forget something! We also had a fun-filled Saturday with 2 birthday parties last week. A fun bowling party with J&B and then my niece Hannah's birthday. So cool that my kiddos are big enough to be invited to these. We also had lunch with Uncle Rob for R week, thanks for coming Robbie!


Rob Dodenbier said...

No mention of their favorite uncle who's name starts with an R????

Scott and Jillian said...

ha ha. We hit the sale at The Children's Place, too. You have to take advantage of those sales when you have multiples!