Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Super S

It seems like I say this every week but S was really fun. The alphabet adventures have really stretched our imagination and encouraged us to try a lot of new things. Thanks to Jill for the idea! So Monday we had play group at Jumpin Jack's which I'll count the Slides for S. We also ate lunch that day at Sonic.
Then Tuesday after school we made a Snowman: The boys thought it was awesome, I thought it was a surprising lot of work and also that the face pieces were not at all easy to put on (my first snowman--as an adult anyway). Maybe I was doing something wrong, but on TV it always looked a lot easier. Anywho, the kids still loved him, kissed him and everything--and then promptly knocked his head off.

Wednesday we trekked up to Soldier Hollow to do some Sledding. I've had a BOGO coupon for a month just waiting for S week!

Carter ready to head up the hill
Davis is excited
It was snowy and cold but not terrible--we all still had a good time. And as the photo shows, we were pretty much the only ones on the mountain. No waits at all--it was great! Of course it was our first time so I have no reference but apparently it can get pretty busy. Also in the above shot is the reason we paid to play here, a tow rope. How fun to just lay back and be pulled up the mountain after a long run down. The boys thought it was great.
Lowell with the boys at the top
Heading down with them both
Toward the end the boys got brave enough to go down just the 2 of them. "We go both together". They really are just the best of friends, they want to do everything together and make each other laugh all the time. My twins laughing hysterically at each other (and I have no clue why) is one of the greatest joys in my life.

Friday we made Sweet Sugar Snacks, i.e. No Bake Cookies in this case. I was craving them--sugar cookies would have fit the theme better, but sometimes we eat what mama wants to eat! And they both identified the S on the Sugar bag, so it counts.

And of course we also licked the Spoon.

Then we planted Seeds:

And yes, sometimes we hang out in our underwear all morning. I really liked this little "greenhouse" container. We just added water and the little cups puffed up and then we poked the seeds in and were done. Much cleaner than scooping dirts into cups, etc. And so cool, they are already sprouting. Of course Lowell has a good point in that S week fell too early in the year because the garden is FAR from ready to be planted but oh well. We loved planting them and are thrilled to see them growing. Me, not the least--I check them everyday. When I showed Carter today he said, Wow! and They're kind of cute! :) We planted Sugar Snap Peas (my fav) which are the ones growing so nicely, and cantalope and apple seeds from breakfast.

That afternoon we were supposed to go swimming with A and A and my day just kind of fell apart as I got ready for work (I couldn't find my suit and now I have to clean my closet, grrr). So we had to miss out on playing with them and were all pretty bummed. But we did go with Daddy on Saturday to make up for it.
Carter is not very enthused as we were on our way out which was the wrong answer for him. Davis is just playing along, he could have stayed for another couple of hours. It was VERY busy though, don't think we'll be going back on a Saturday anytime soon. But of course, they loved it--and I loved the bonding time.

I think that's it, except for enjoying the Sabbath on Sunday I suppose. Saturday night Lowell and I got to go out to dinner thanks again to Hillary--I am so spoiled with great babysitters. I love Mimi's and french onion soup.

Another week of winter down. We are ready for spring. We've had a couple of days of sun, though cold it has still been nice and somewhat deceiving as storms are on their way. Le Sigh!

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Sal-my-gal said...

I've been wanting to go to Soldier Hollow forever. How fun!