Monday, January 4, 2010

O what a week and Post # 200!

I'll start with the fun news first--this is my 200th post! Can you believe it? It sounds like so many--this blog has been a wonderful part of my life, a way to journal, vent, connect, ponder . . .and you all have been an important part of that. I would still write this blog just for myself (and the boys) but it has made it much more interesting to have readers and especially comments. How I love comments! So, in honor of you and to thank you for reading my exhaustively written blog, I am having a contest for this 200th post. I will be giving away a $20 gift card to the location of your choice (that I can buy in person or online--some off the wall place in some random town won't work, sorry!). Just leave a comment and what you would choose--the winner will be chosen randomly, don't feel like you have to be creative just something you would enjoy. So, get to entering! You have one week! Now onto my week, wasn't it nice of me to post that first and not at the end?

O week was a little disjointed due to the holidays. We found plenty of Os but it was a little weird. Like we ate O foods, oranges, Oreos, and onion rings. We also explored the shape an O makes, while tubing. And we did go to some O related places like the Olympic Oval (which wasn't even really the Olympic Oval, I didn't want to go to Salt Lake in the snow so we went to the Peaks which I worked at during the Olympics, so that counts!)

And it turns out we hate ice skating. Seriously, once around the rink and they were done! And it reminded me that I stink at ice skating. I was holding the side to stay up, how in the world did I think I could help the boys learn? I was hoping to use the little walker things they had but alas they were out. A big thanks to Robbie for being a trooper to come and help and especially to The Peaks who surprisingly refunded all my money when I told them they hated it and we'd only been there 20 minutes. Great huh? If your kids don't hate ice skating, go there!

Here's an O shape we found at the dino museum we went to on a play date with my boss's wife.

Who doesn't love a giant magnifying glass? My Jr. scientists.

We also welcomed 2-O-10 with a party at our house with Lowell's family. Hooray for ending the year with lots of great food (so we could start our diet the next day feeling fulfilled).



We love "firebooms" and I have to say it is great to do fireworks in the snow, the fire worry sure drops dramatically. The horses behind our house weren't too happy with us though. I had planned to let the boys stay up until midnight (since they stay up nearly that late a lot of nights anyway--after being put to bed at 9) but they were pretty cranky so we counted down to 10 pm cheered and shouted then put the little ones to bed. We had intended to go to bed with them but visiting with family filled the last 2 hours and we were still up chatting and eating to see the ball drop on 2010. Welcome new year, I hope you hold some wonderous things for our little family.
New Year's Day it has become our tradition to sled with my family. I really do adore sledding and thanks to my sisters' connections we get the best sled hill around (At the gardens) all to ourselves.

Reva, her sister and her boys were kind enough to join us. Here's Reva dragging Andrew and Davis I believe.

Big Man Carter--last year they only did so so, this year they LOVED it!

Davis, I love this shot.

Daddy, Cyndel and the boys, these little tubes worked great and were really fast and of course, great Os.

My cutie (single) sisters Cyndel and Hillary

Robbie joined us too

Davis in motion

Cyndel and Carter

Our family

My sibs, BJ was home with his 3 month old

All 4 little boys piled onto one tube, they had so much fun!
My family of 4 piled onto 1 tube, this really scared me, but it worked out fine

My fambly (minus BJ, Angela, and Jonny)--Carter was mad because we were leaving. 2 hours of sledding and the kid still bawled when we left. We'll have to go back. Amazing to me, my feet weren't even cold.
So I had thought to go see Oma in Ogden or go to the Oquirrh temple but we ended up at the Hill Airforce aerospace museum. Nope, no connection though it is close to Ogden and we saw the word Ogden several times. We were up there after watching Diners-Drive In's-and Dives on Food Network where they highlighted a restaurant in Roy. So we ate there, it was good.

Carter in a pilot's seat

Both boys in the cock pit of a plane

Davis being cutie aviator boy

And on the moon

Look how teeny my boys look compared to the plane, they are by the wheel. It was actually a really fun museum which I'd like to go back to again when I have more time (read, when I can actually read all the exhibits without little boys wanting to run on ahead).
Then Sunday, get this--we actually went to sacrament meeting and it went okay. Wow, first time in . . .really can't remember. And my teeny little boys are now CTRs, not Sunbeams. I can't even believe it, their teachers got them rings and everything. So special (except when I asked Davis was CTR stood for and he said it said that I needed to give him some candy).
In other news, this weekend we finally ditched the nap. 4+ years I have held onto nap because I never envisioned the way to more sleep was actually to lose it. But so far it has been great, we're skipping nap and then putting them down at 7:30 instead of 8:30. 3 days in a row now my Carter bug who will stay up past 11 has been asleep by 8:30. And they are sleeping until after 8, my biggest worry since I don't get much sleep due to my work schedule. They have been a bit more pleasant also, except during when they used to nap. So, we'll see how this goes (fingers crossed). Carter particularly just has to get more sleep, sleep-deprived preschoolers will mimic the symptoms of ADHD--so if they have it or not, more sleep would certainly help.
In more big news, the boys start preschool again tomorrow! Crazy, huh? What a weird week. I was driving home from the gym and felt prompted that I needed to put the boys in preschool. So I thought, planning on it in the fall. And the feeling was like no, now. And I thought no way am I going to find a good school to take them now. So I posted about it on facebook and one of my twin friends recommended the preschool at the high school by me. I emailed the teacher back and forth, submitted applications and deposits, and volia, they start tomorrow. And get this, my raise covers exactly their tuition. Does the Lord love me or what? Getting my work schedule changed so that I have more weekends off and can go to church more has been blessing us in mysterious ways. I am still very nervous about this, so wish us luck. I am hopeful that in a room full of helpers (the class is supervised by 1-3 teachers but run by high school students) 1-2 disruptive children won't be such a problem. Plus my little lady's men can charm teenagers so well--I think older women are a little immune to their skills, but these high schoolers will be wrapped around their fingers in no time. I sure hope it all works out, and that I can find something to do with myself tomorrow, I am going to miss my playmates!
See why I posted the contest at the top? Who is even still reading this?!? Well, I love you all either way.


Scott and Jillian said...

I'm still reading!! I want to enter your contest, but a)I have no idea where I would get a gift card to and b) I feel bad because forever ago on my blog I said I would handmake people stuff (including you) and I have yet to do it. Technically I have a year, but still...I feel guilty. SO, to make a short story long--I love your blog!

The Halls said...

Good luck with the preschool! I have been trying figure out the preschool thing too, it's not going so well. Sledding looked way fun, sure beats our little hill.

How about a Micheal's Craft gift card!?!

Anonymous said...

We miss ya already!
You + blogging = awesome. A target giftcard is nice. Did I mention you Rock! (That's in no way a kiss up for the random drawing, it's just true.) Thanks to you and your boys for being such nice and gracious hosts for Christmas. Yay Penrod Fam!!!!

Sal-my-gal said...

I read the whole thing, and first, the Air Museum looks really fun. Who knew it was up there? and second, congrats on finding a preschool. I hope it works out for you. Soon that couple of hours won't be long enough to do all the things you find you want to fill it with. I'm starting the preschool search for fall myself. Third, I totally want to be entered into your give away : ) We're desperate for date nights so anywhere that might help with that would be super!

Brooklyn said...

Hi Heidi!
We recently ditched the naps too and also found the kids got more sleep that way. Funny how that works. You always seem to have a lot of fun with your boys! They sure are handsome! Take care.

Kristen said...

I love reading about all your adventures (of which you have so many)!! :)

We sure do miss having you as our neighbors.

And I could really use a Target giftcard - maybe some clothes for me?? Or books . . . or music . . . you know, the possibilities are endless!
You are so awesome for doing a contest. :)

Terri said...

As always I love to read what you are up to. So many great ideas of what to do won't kids. So much fun. I love sledding ! I could always spend something at old navy if not for me for the little boy!

Kerri said...

I agree with everyone else, love reading your blog and seeing what your family is up too. I've let Aidan skip naps before so that bedtime is easier!
Old Navy is a favorite store for us.

shortyolivita said...

I love to read your blog. you are so great mom. You are always looking for some quality FUN time with the boys. I think teaching your kids their ABC..O... is great. especially applying it for a week.I think it sticks more than one day scribbling a piece of paper. yOU guys are always doing all kind of Fun activities. Gift cards are great walmart is around us and eating out is always fun anywhere:)

Janice said...

What a way to get people to leave comments! It's fun to read your blog. At some point in my life I want to follow your great example and create my own blog, but I haven't done it yet. I can relate to a lot of things like recently adjusting to no naps for 4-year-olds and teaching letters to preschoolers. I'm glad you found a preschool and I hope it works out fabulously for you and the boys. My gift card of choice would be a restaurant like Olive Garden or Applebees.

Lyndsie said...

I just want you to know that I always read every single word!!! I am so glad that you found the boys a preschool. Sounds like this one is going to work!!! I love how you keep up on your blog. That is one of my goals this year since I am about 4 months behind!!! If I won I would probably want to gift card to some really yummy place to eat!!! Maybe Zupas!!! That sounds really good right now. :)

Jill said...

It is amazing how the Lord blesses us in so many little ways, personal to each of us. We'll have to trek up to the museum--didn't know about it. What a fun place to sled at TP!