Friday, January 15, 2010

Questionable Qs

I knew Q would be a little tricky from the beginning, but I think we did pretty good--if we had to stretch it a little bit. We thought it would be fun to go to an arcade and spend some Quarters. We talked about how 4 quarters equal a dollar, etc. but ended up going to Nickelcade because who wants to spend quarters when you could spend nickels? It was all the same to the kids. Carter and Daddy playing ski ball
Davis stomping the spiders. They got over 200 tickets (with $10 in nickels) and made out with a handful of stupid little prizes (that they loved). Success. We then went to eat at Quiznos. Less of a success. We did the 2 for $5 deal and I found the food overpriced, small, and not really all that good. Not worth it just to eat at a Q place. Later we thought of quesadillas, bummer.

They also had a few rides at Nickelcade, here's Carter

And big D
So Wednesday my new friend Jen wanted to do another play date with our kids so we headed over to Jumpin Jack's for some Quality time (huh, good Q right?? LOL!)


C They were having a sale on their monthly pass ($16.99 for 1 adult and 2 kids M-F 11-3) so you'll see more of us there soon. Like S for slide, T for Titanic (the boat jumper Carter is on) . . .
We hit Dairy Queen for lunch that day (thanks for the idea Janice) which is always a good thing.
Lastly today we went to the zoo, partially because we had no other letter obligations, my dad offered to join me, and that's what the boys wanted to do, and also partially because we always find something with each letter at the zoo. All these pics have a red tinge thanks to Carter playing with my camera and being smarter than me as I could not figure out how to switch it back. (Ha! I have fixed it now, now who's smart! Competing with a 4 year old, just sad.)

Davis checking out a Quirky baby siamese crocodile. This little guy was so funny, he kept snapping at the window trying to bite us. We really enjoyed the babies today, Zuri the baby elephant was out and then Acara the orangutan who is the same age as the boys was being silly and then we got to see this guy:

One of the 3 baby tigers. Isn't he just gorgeous? He was sure eyeing us down. Have I mentioned how much I love the zoo in the winter? Many times? Well, it's still true.

We also saw a baby giraffe (this is not him!) and found it very interesting that he was eating a Christmas tree. And of course the giraffe house is a:

There's your Q. See I told you we'd find one at the zoo!

I told them to hurry over to where we were getting hot chocolate and Carter went back and grabbed Davis's hand and they ran laughing all the way. I love brothers! And thanks to grandpa in the background for coming with us.

Awww . . holy double cuteness Batman. No, I can't get enough shots of them hugging and kissing thank you very much.
So, there's Q week for you, more fun than I anticipated. Preschool continues to go well (thank goodness!) and I am finding things to do--walk the dogs and fold laundry this week, 2 things that have been falling by the wayside. Plus I can't tell you how wonderful it is to grocery shop without my wonderful adorable children.
Bedtime and no naps has been so so. They have for the most part been falling asleep quickly but have been waking more from nightmares. That's strange to me but I guess it is just an adjustment thing? And some mornings they sleep well and others they get up early (like today) and then mommy and boys are on edge all day. Who knows?!!? On the whole they are just really fun right now, but sometimes I want to ring their little necks. Just being truthful!


Janice said...

I loved your zoo pictures. I need to take my kids there again. We haven't been for a long time. It's harder now that Derek's in school all day because I don't want to go without him, but there's not many opportunities when he's available. Maybe the next professional day when he's off.

We still struggle with the nap and bedtime thing too. Most days they don't have naps and go to bed at seven. But then I've found that about every fourth or fifth day my girls get so overtired that I finally put them down for a much needed nap and then they're much happier. It seems to just be a time of transition and sometimes my girls are fine without naps and other times they still really need them. I definitely put them down for naps when we have some place we need to go in the evening. Anyway, good luck with adjusting to the new sleep schedule!

Valerie said...

Looks like you guys had LOTS of fun. What a cute pic of your two guys kissing!

Jill said...

I love the picture of your boys hugging! That is adorable. SOUnds like a fun week. my kids went through periods during their preschool years when they would have nightmares every night. I think it's just part of the developmental process.