Saturday, January 9, 2010

Please Pass me some Ps

P has been one of my favorite weeks so far. It's hard to compete with D (Disneyland) but P has been really fun. First off we had the first day of preschool (take 2):And to my relief it went really well. Davis was very clingy and didn't want me to leave but the teachers said they were fine after I left. I wasn't--it was so sad for me. It's lame, but they are my best friends--we play together all the time and it was hard to let go. But a little retail therapy helped--for me shopping isn't a perk when I need to buy stuff for me (blech) but only when I get outstanding deals like the clearance sale at Old Navy (for the boys: 6 pairs of pants, 4 shirts, 2 winter coats, me: 2 pairs of pants and 6 shirts--$60). They were happy to see me when I came back and the teacher said they did really well--Davis even gave one of the girls a hug and told her he loved her before we left. The second day I dropped them off without a fuss at all and when I picked them up the teacher told me they were so cute, with different personalities and that Davis was so funny (I'd rather think of him as funny than disruptive myself). Davis told me how he likes the girls in his class and that they are "beautiful". Those little men are such flirts! I'm really going to have to watch them when they get older. So, so far so good--couldn't be happier.

Wednesday Cyndel was kind enough to join us to Play at a Provo Park and then have Panda Express. We went to Rock Canyon to do some more sledding. The hills were a bit steep and iced over (read: fast) which Cyndel learned the first run as the tube stopped but she and Carter kept going, sorry Cyndel! But we found a good spot eventually and had to drag the kids away when they started laying in the snow after each run but still didn't want to leave.

Davis (thanks to Cyndel's phone since I couldn't find my camera)

That night we went to the dino museum for our last day on this year's Pass (Pout). We'll get a new one soon of course. We saw Pteradactyls and talked about silent Ps. Of course all the boys heard was blah blah blah I want to go play. We also played in the dinosaur sand Quarry for next week (hey, Qs are hard to come by!). For dinner we had a Penrod Pizza/Pasta Party.

Care of Lowell's phone (Still couldn't find my camera)
Then yesterday we went to the Planetarium

Found my phone--lost in my car, if you have ever been in my van you'll think that was not at all surprising.

We played with the cool ball machine thingy contraption (and learned about Physics)

Davis visited a Planet--Mars

Carter hung out with an astronaut on the moon

Cyndel and Carter were meteorologists

And then we all saw a movie in the dome, which wasn't near as scary as Cyndel is demonstrating--LOL, silly girl! Thanks to Hill and Cyn for joining us (and Hillary for tending the boys last night so Lowell and I could have a date night, she rocks!). The movie was pretty interesting, especially on the dome and made me reflect on just how miniscule we are on our little planet. It amazes me just how massive space is and yet how complex every individual cell is.
So, there's P week for you. If you haven't posted to my drawing for the 200th post yet, you have until Monday at midnight--check the previous post. I will announce the winner on Tuesday. Thanks for all the comments everyone, they really have made my day. You are all such good friends and I love you!
P.S. Sorry for the old blog header (who noticed it was repeat? You can hardly tell with my slow growing kids) scrapblog is having issues--hopefully there will be a new one soon. :)


Queen Mother said...

Could they BE any cuter?
I'm so glad that school is going well this go around - yay!!

Jill said...

YOur boys are so cute! My goodness, you guys do a lot! {sigh with jealousy!} maybe in a year or two when my twins are older...
very creative with the letter activities! I'll have to check back in before summertime to steal, I mean borrow, some ideas from you:)

Davis and Carter's Mommy said...

But Jill, I stole (borrowed) the idea from you! And it has been wonderful for us, gave me some structure when I was freaking out after the kids got kicked out of school. Thanks!!!