Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Birthday to my eternal companion

Lowell's birthday falls one week after the boys'. In fact, they had originally scheduled my C-section for his birthday which he thought would have been cool. I have to say his big day gets put on the back burner a bit compared to the celebration that is Carter and Davis each year. Just how it goes with adults, especially parents I think. Our birthdays shrink away as our kids' become more important. Lowell actually wouldn't want it any other way. He's happy to just let it pass by. Of course we won't do that, the boys and I have surprises up our sleeves for tomorrow and then in the evening Lowell and I are going to go redeem a gift certificate he has for indoor skydiving. Then out to dinner. Happy Birthday honey (it's tomorrow, but it will be tomorrow when he reads this), I love you so much! Isn't he cutest hubby you've ever seen? The other day I was reading and came across the term, eternal companion. Funny, it had been a while since I had thought of it in that way. For a good while I was happy to always call him my husband, then hubby, and now mostly just Lowell. But the term eternal companion has such a lovely ring to it, it means so much more than husband. Lowell is my best friend who I am infinitely blessed to have along for the ride with me for all eternity. While I do not claim to fathom the concept of eternity, in fact it almost seems frightening or wrong that I'll live forever, I know the one thing that makes it okay is that he will always be there. You go the first half of your life with your birth family and then on your own never realizing you are missing your other half. If you are as lucky as me, you then find him and you are complete. Complete in ways you never knew you were lacking before. Lowell and I almost have a cosmic 6th sense, we often pick things out of the other one's brain before they say it. Maybe we have just lived together long enough but I think there is a deeper connection there. At church yesterday we were singing Families Can be Together Forever and the second verse almost brought me to tears, ". . . I'll prepare most faithfully, so I can marry in God's temple for eternity." It just struck me in that moment what a blessed thing that is. That I have had wonderful leaders and examples in my youth that helped steer me toward the temple and then to meet someone worthy to take me there so that we are now married for eternity. Such a beautiful thing. Just a realization of my childhood dreams and the great joy it is that my children can sing that and know they are a part of an eternal family. Anyway, Lowell thanks for being my eternal companion, you know I wouldn't want to have anyone else by my side. Love you!

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