Friday, October 23, 2009

G is for Ghosts, Golf, and Gardens

On to G, it seems like the alphabet is going by fast. Even taking breaks for holidays we will be done in the spring, but at least it will give us something to do to pass the winter months.
For our first G I stole this idea from Lindsay from our twin club, stamping the boys feet in white paint to make little ghosts. Too fun. I don't think you can get enough of the little hand and foot prints. Plus they had quite the laugh while I painted them, apparently their feet are ticklish. Next we went to Trafalga to mini golf. I had a buy one get one and I didn't golf, so in total with $1 in tokens each we spent $7. Not bad, I think we'll go back. We also did all 18 holes and those tokens in an hour, I wouldn't have minded dragging that out a little, but oh well.
Carter ready to start--he was most focused on actually hitting the ball, even if it took many strokes to get it where it needed to go.
Davis heading for the cup. He was less interested in actually playing and more interested in watching the ball go down one hole and out another. We played all the windmill type holes several times.
My sillies. We played the inside black light course (pretty fun) though after they said they really wanted to play outside. Next time I guess.
Best of all was playing Games. They earned enough tickets for a spider ring, hooray!

Finally today we went to the Children's Garden which sadly is closing next week. Pout. We sure love it--although today the boys were cranky and whiny. Ugh I hate it. They have been that way a lot this week, I think they are a little under the weather/tired. They keep skipping nap, choosing instead to trash their bedrooms and then are so ornery that they didn't sleep. Davis has had an off again on again cough and they both have had a little bit of diarrhea. Don't you love cold and flu season? Lowell had a nasty bout of stomach flu that he is starting to recover from but that laid him out flat for a day (though he still had to watch the boys poor guy) and I have had a sinus/ear infection that wouldn't really bug me except for the vertigo. I have been so crazy dizzy and tired, lousy stuff. Now I am just waiting for us all to swap colds since we all have had something different. Or not.

Here's my cranky fellows at the gardens today--they sure look pleasant in photos huh?

In other news this week, we started preschool with our friends A and A. It went well, all 4 needed some refocusing and brief tasks with rewards but I was expecting as such. We all got to act out different dinosaurs and they seemed to think it was cool that I was right in it with them. At snack we had all G snacks (G cookies, goldfish crackers, and grape juice) and they took turns burping and laughing their heads off:

Hard to tell they are cracking up, but hey, whatever makes them happy right? A and A are coming over tomorrow for trunk or treat with our ward, my kiddos are SO excited. You'd think when you are born with a built in best friend you'd be pretty set and while they really do love their brother and of course spend almost every moment together they also really love to have outside friends, especially A and A, J and B, and their cousins.

We made the annual family trek to Cornbelly's on Tuesday and while I still think it is exorbitantly (sp?) priced, we really did have a good time as a family. And this was my only day off this week so it was especially nice to spend the time together.

They wanted to be Pumpkin Princesses, cute ones too! They also had a pumpkin carriage, but they insisted I sit in it and they drive because I am their princess. Sweet bubbas (their Daddy has taught them well)
A sweet lady there had a bunny (I am thinking from Farm Country) that the boys played with in the corn box.
Our traditional self portrait on the hay ride which somehow always cuts someone off, sorry Carter. Lowell and I were laughing so hard though, it was fun.
The boys with their 3D glasses in the fun house, that dizzy or not (3D glasses and black lights=I am going to vomit!) we did 3 times. We paid way too much to do this last year at Ikea, so I was glad at least it was included this year.
This one cracks me up, "mommy" Davis with crying baby Daddy. And my naughty rule breakers. Yes they are. I wonder if I can get a Jr. version for my house . . .

Other than that I have just been working a lot. Like 78 hours in 7 days lot. My sweet co-worker had her baby so I have been covering while the new gal is trained--also I have been training her. So if I have missed any emails or facebook notes, I have had much less down time at work even though I have been here plenty. I'm 8 hours into the 22 hour shift that will finish out the week, I'm going to go put my feet up. Loves to all!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, goodness! You really have been working a lot! I feel kind of guilty...but I gave plenty of notice so it's not all my fault :) (you'd think 6 months would be enough). Hopefully the overtime makes up for it a little!