Saturday, October 3, 2009

D is for dinosaurs, donuts, and . . .wee witches weekend

D week has been very fun. My silly monkeys are being spoiled beyond belief on the week approaching their birthday and don't even know yet how good next week will be. I am as usual not apologetic, while it may have been nicer to spread out all this fun and fill up some of the duller weeks, this is when things were open or available so we're having fun in the now. This is not a D item, but I liked the idea from Parents mag so much I needed to take a pic. I am probably the last person on earth to try this, but it is fun. You just use a cookie cutter to cut out a portion of the bread, butter what is left and put it in the skillet. Next carefully crack an egg in the opening, cook then flip and voila--your kids wake up knowing their mom loves them! I made this breakfast to give the kiddos a bit of protein before we hit our D field trip, donuts! We met some of our friends at Krispie Kreme's and really enjoyed watching them be made. Really, me too! Then we got all sugared up for the day!
They have a Kid's pack with a donut, milk, silly straw, coloring page and stickers, and fun hat. Yep, we loved it all.


Davis (before he started blowing milk bubbles that covered the table)

Watching the dance of the happy glazed donuts

And since we were in the area, we next hit Toys R Us to use the boys' gift cards. They are members of Geoffrey's birthday club and so get $3 in the mail near their b-day (we also have free kid's meals to CA pizza kitchen, Red Robin, and Spaghetti Factory). They each picked a Halloween flash light that has interchangeable covers to project images on to the wall (2.99 each) and a treat. They also scored birthday crowns and balloons--quite the inexpensive but happy trip.

They spent the rest of the afternoon chasing down ghosts with their flashlights, being ghostbusters of course. "But Mom, Daddy already caught all the ghosts in the house, we need to get the ones in the shed . . .". Okay.
I forgot to mention we also went swimming again this week (last time they are free and have to wear swim diapers) and we caught the Dino museum to fit in with our D week, and because we hadn't been in a while. They have a new magnet and motors exhibit that was really fun. Worth the look.
Davis got his wish of going to Cornbelly's on Thursday, thanks to a patient and "so nice" daddy and Hillary's free employee passes (thanks!). I was at work and Lowell didn't bring the camera but I was informed by them the next day that they really enjoyed it. And something about pigs racing and the monster's butt.
Friday we cheated on the letter D (gasp) and jumped ahead to W to enjoy Wee Witches Weekend at Gardner Village. Such fun, 6 twins plus a couple of neighbors all in their costumes visiting a witches house.

The witches were a little frightening initially but once they established they were good witches the boys seemed to quite like them. The knowlege that they can turn bad witches into chairs has been handy as they consider that bad little boys can also be turned into chairs. The loser blogger that I am somehow forgot my camera in the car (argh) which was not a close walk so this is another of Jessica's shots. There is one of the boys with a witch floating somewhere I will share later. Oh and we ended up with Buzz and Woody as costumes. Initally I wanted to have them be Wild Things from Where the Wild Things Are. But . . .I couldn't find any costumes, or even patterns for costumes, and after realizing I do NOT sew and I am not creative I finally scrapped the idea. I asked the boys what they wanted to be and Davis wanted to be Jack (Nightmare Before Christmas) and Carter wanted to be a Ghostbuster. Jack costumes were going for over $100 on ebay (not being sold by Disney any longer) and the ghostbusters were $35 or so plus shipping. I kind of wanted to abuse one of my last chances to still be able to convince them to do what I want and have them coordinate (yes I think it is cute, so sue me) . . .so I ended up with Buzz and Woody. Cheaper, no shipping required, still some of their favorite characters, darn cute, and extra bonus we can wear it to Disney next week.
That's our final D for the week, we leave at midnight tonight for the Happiest Place on Earth. And the boys still have no idea. I can't wait to surprise them--since they were bitty they have loved to yell surprise for everyone's birthday and this year the surprise is on them, a big one too. Lots of packing still to do . . .and I'm at work. We'll see how that goes, I am so lucky to have the world's most wonderful hubby. We'll send warm vibes from Cali--loves!

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