Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A is for Aquarium and Amusement Park

So last week was A week. We didn't get too fancy as it was only a partial week and they had started A in school. Friday we went to the aquarium and found the Anaconda started with A and the rAys were really friendly that day. Of course we also found Nemo, a key to every trip to the aquarium. There are 2 clown fish in this one tank and the boys always talk about how it's the dad looking for his son and then the other appears and he has found him and we move on. Silly kids. I asked an employee once and he said all the kids yell Nemo at that tank all day. Next we went to See's which has nothing to do with A but we were passing it and I wanted some and to treat the boys for being good at the aquarium. Lastly we went to Arctic Circle for lunch. Hooray!

Saturday the boys redeemed their 25 potty stickers for a trip to Liberty Land. It's a stretch to call it an Amusement Park but I could use another A. Carter on the planes
And Davis
Carter Mini-golfing
Davis too
Daddy and his boys on the bumper boats ready to spray me on the shore. Good times. We had fun--it's not the most exciting place but the boys had fun.

B week has been pretty full, but I will tell you about it once it is done.

Some other noteworthy news:
We are anxiously awaiting the birth of a new nephew. My little brother BJ and his wife are a week overdue with their first and she will be induced in the morning if he doesn't start coming before then. A new baby is always a blessed event (and baby is a B word so it fits into the plans nicely ;)).
Strep and flu are both coming up positive this week in the lab, so be on alert. 21 of 21 flus tested at the state came back as H1N1 (novel or swine flu). This is the flu we are seeing this year. Of course true flu season is not in gear yet so that may change but be aware again. I was on the fence about immunizing the boys against H1N1 and this has changed my mind.
We made 25 jars of peach freezer jam (so far) and still have 3 bags of quickly ripening peaches. If you are interested in some peaches or jam, let me know pronto. The ones left are not the "pretty" ones but still would taste great in cobblers or frozen for smoothies, etc.


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