Saturday, September 19, 2009

B is for Birthday, Bakery, and Babies

Wow, B week has been so fun. I think some letters are going to be that way and some not so much (q and x should be interesting). I think C might just be the best--candy factory, circus, and camping. Or D, disneyland! But first we'll do B. Tuesday was Lowell's dad's Birthday, so we made him a pie and brought it to him with some lunch and sang him happy Birthday. Tuesday night was mom's night out, a spa in the kitchen night. Wow, what fun, facials, cheese and crackers, massage and relaxation time, and of course lots of chatting! I love UVMOM! Wednesday I asked the munchkins what they wanted to do and they were determined that we go swimming. I realized that they shortly will no longer be free and also will not have to wear the swim diapers any more so it's a good time to hurry and go and use up what we have left. I haven't gone just the 3 of us before but it worked out just fine. Except for the kicking and screaming when I made them get out of the pool after an hour and half it was a good time. Then we went to the Bakery to get some Bread. I will be making an ABC book when we are done with all the field trips so I had to take pics of the bread. Carter
And Davis, do you think they like Spider Man?
Lowell had an adventure for the boys Thursday that was so cute I insisted he take some pictures. Ever since Andrew and Anthony's pirate birthday party Davis has been digging in our sandbox for treasure. Sometimes for an hour at a time, determined that there is treasure out there. So Lowell picked them up some "treasure" and had the "pirates" who left it leave them a map too. Holy cow those little boys were in heaven!

The map (burnt edges to enhance the effect)

X marks the spot

There's something down there!

Thanks honey for being so sweet! When I got home Davis had all kinds of stories to tell me about pirates and treasure and X marks the spot (hmmm . . .there's something for X week . . .)

Finally this week we went to see some Babies. First to the zoo to meet Zuri:

The cutest, funniest little baby elephant. She was super cute and fun to watch playing. She was sucking on her trunk, darling!

And the baby tiger, can you see him behind his mom? He was just resting, but still cute. As long as we were there, we also saw the Bats and Bison, rode a Bear and a Bug on the carousel and were grossed out by the gorilla's Bum (he pooped and then ate it, wow that's fun for a 3 year old).

Davis with his B momento

Carter too
Then to the funnest Baby, my brand new nephew. Jonathan Brad was born on the 17th!

Davis was so excited to see him (his lips are red from a drink, looks a little funny). They both begged to hold him and were really sweet, rocking and gently patting.

And kissing. During prayers last night Davis said "Thank you for Baby Jonny, we love him". When I told them he had been born Davis said, "Can he come play at my house?"

Carter was equally excited, they have been asking for a while when the baby was going to come out of Angela's tummy. I asked him which toy we should get for the baby and he offered to give him his letter game. Fun to have cousins!

The happy mom and dad

Little Jonny just about to leave the hospital this morning. So convenient for me to be working here, except that I bet they got sick of seeing me. I would have been happy to just take the baby to the lab so I wouldn't be bothering them. I guess they want to keep him.

My mom was bummed I didn't get any without the binky, but truth is he wasn't very happy while I was taking the pics. He's still getting the eating part down and I think he was a bit hungry and cranky. So the binky stayed just so I could get a couple of shots. Anywho, so much fun!


Queen Mother said...

Wow, what a fun mom you are!!! I have a feeling that I am terribly boring. LOL

Your new nephew is so sweet!! Congrats to BJ and wife! Can't believe BJ has a kid....I remember when HE was a kid..but I'm probably just showing my age here.


Sal-my-gal said...

Fun, fun! I didn't know there were baby animals at the zoo. We'll have to plan a trip shortly.

By the way... if you want some ideas for your ABC trips, Jill (from UVMOM)did the ABC's with her kids over the Summer. You might want to check out her blog. She found some cool stuff.

Kristen said...

Awww...they're so cute with the baby!!