Sunday, September 6, 2009

Feeling Better

Thank you Thank you to all my dear friends for helping me through yesterday. It really got brighter as the day went on. I think sometimes as women we underestimate ourselves and when someone points out a supposed flaw we are too eager to agree with them. You've helped me to stand up for myself and say, Hey, I'm still new at this mom thing but I am trying hard. I love my kids to pieces and they are happy and healthy. I'm always working to improve my parenting skills but I'm not the worst one out there. I think there are a lot of parents who don't have to work as hard as we do but have much better behaved kids. Just how it goes sometimes. Still wouldn't trade mine in. Anywho, I will still be taking them to school on Tuesday, which will probably seem strange to some of you. It's partially because of the time and money already invested in this program and more so because for whatever reason, this is the school I feel the Lord directed me to put the kids in. I'm not sure why but that is reason enough to give it another chance. But I am on my guard, if I feel like my kids aren't given the love and attention they need I will respectfully leave. It would be hard at this point to find another school, so it may mean keeping them home with me this year. We'll see. So yesterday I have to say the night was so fun. I was being defiant of my blue mood so we got hot wings, made snow cones (I bought syrups from ebay in preparation for the snow cone shacks closing after this weekend) and cheered BYU onto a HUGE victory! Then my sis Hillary and I caught a late showing of the Time Traveler's Wife. Of course the book was better, but it did follow it fairly well. Some things skipped, some condensed, some mixed with other scenes but the general idea was given. Certainly an interesting concept for a love story. Two thumbs up. And now since it is Sunday, I will return to our regularly scheduled programming, Sunday on the Blog.

"He Loves Me", by Hillary Weeks

Don't it seem sometimes like the world is falling
And you're standing underneath
You'll never get out from under it
Or at least that's how it feels

With a load so heavy and the days so long
You can barely breathe
And the only thing that keeps you standing
Is getting on your knees

When I need that burden lifted
When my strength is gone
There is one thing
That keeps me holding on

Deeper than my heart can hide
Stronger than I feel inside
More thanI realize
He loves me
Steady as the day goes by
Longer than the reach of time
Enough to give His life
He loves me

I have felt it in the darkest night
When He stayed with me til dawn
On the days when I'm too weak to walk
He carries me along

Above the noise and clatter down deep in my soul
In the middle of my pain
He tells me I can make it
And He promises to stay

In a world where nothing's certain
I can count on this
There is no love
No love truer than His


He knows I'm not perfect but He loves me
right here, right now
When I'm weak
When I'm strong
When I stand
When I fall
Just as I am
He loves me, yeah
I know He loves me


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