Monday, September 7, 2009

For Uncle Robbie

After cheering the Cougs to a huge victory Carter picked out the letters B, Y, and U all by himself in the tub. We had to take a pic for the biggest fan of all, Uncle Robbie. P.S. Hooray for that darn Leapster game, all the time I have spent working on letters with the kiddos and a video game would be the trick. To each his learning style I guess. We were picking up dinner the other day and I was so excited to hear the kids examine the stop sign. First they noted that it was an octagon and red then picked out the letters and went into doing the sounds for each letter. They didn't put the sounds together to make the word just yet (plus they know what a stop sign says) but I was excited. We're on the path to reading . . .someday. Anywho, more of the BYU fans:

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