Monday, July 20, 2009

We "heart" Summer!

More summer fun, hooray! There were a few things I really wanted to do this summer and I am happy to say we have now done one (camping) and I have reserved the other (Snowbird, in August). But first . . .Friday we had the privilege of being interviewed by Thanksgiving Point. They contacted me through the blog, wow, somebody does read it ;). And they somehow found the biggest Thanksgiving Point fan of them all. :) Yes I raved about it, what can I say? I love the place! The boys will make their video debut riding ponies and having their shirts eaten by a baby cow (Farm Country) at a fundraising dinner next month. So exciting! And as a bonus, the sweet interviewer got the boys these pirate hats: Thanks Erica, they love them! Last week I told the boys if they could go 3 days with no accidents then we could go camping. They did one better and had 4 day in a row with 0 accidents. Awesome! So we also threw in the carnival:
"Roller Coaster"--they LOVED it!

Daddy and Davis on the big slide

Davis on a flying dragon

Carter and a turtle

Davis (Carter too) driving the 4X4s. Of course they loved the carnival, such a thrill for them. A snow-cone (Mowee Wowee and Peach, mmmm) and a nap later we were on our way camping. My family joined us in a double spot (#1) at Timpanooke campground (up AF canyon). What a great site and camp. And it wasn't hard to reserve, even for a weekend. We were just a quick walk away from the Timpanogos summit trail head (which we just might try this summer, old and fat as I am) but this time we just took a short side trail.

Robbie helping Carter check how cold the water was

Robbie and his boys, such a good uncle!

Sideways Lowell and the kiddos at the peak of our hike--can you believe this is only 30 minutes from our house?!

Carter and the flowers he picked for me (awwwww. . . .)

Cyndel, grandpa, and Carter sitting around the campfire.

Lowell, Davis, Rob, and Hillary--Lowell thought it would be funny to make a face--haha jokes on you, I used it anyway :p. We had tin-foil dinners (with some extra flair like asparagus, squash, and cream of mushroom soup) and S'mores, more flair, toasted coconut marshmallows with Reese's cups for the chocolate. Yummm-O. It was a bit of a wrestle keeping the kids in camp and getting them to go to sleep (they were super super wired from the moment we got there, SO excited to be camping) but all in all it was okay.

Plus who wouldn't want to wake up to this view? It sounded awesome being right next to the stream all night. Not too cold either.
While breakfast was cooking we found a little swing

And everyone got a turn

Then spent an hour throwing things into the stream while I marveled at just how beautiful it was

And tried to get some pictures that don't do it justice

Then we ate, watched some squirrels and dirty and tired, headed home! (sorry Cyn, you still ended up in the shot).

That night Davis made us some special Rice Krispie treats, coconut mallows plus Choco-Nilla Krispies. Delish!

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