Saturday, July 25, 2009

Celebrating Pioneer Day . . .with foam

More of the same this week, Gardens, Aquarium, lots of swim lessons and a fun UVMOM play group. Note worthy items . . .Tuesday I remembered why I adore my sister Hillary, she met up with us at the children's Garden and brought a segway just so Lowell and I could cruise it back (hooray, seriously so fun) then she babysat so Lowell and I could go see Harry Potter. And in between we discussed the difference between an M6 and M7 leukemia (she is in the lab tech program at Weber). I bet your sisters can't do all that :p. Lowell and I enjoyed Harry Potter, Lowell says it is his favorite so far. I felt it followed the book fairly well, a few significant differences but they weren't distracting (unlike Angels and Demons). I appreciate film makers who realize people have read these books and will know when you change things. I understand some change is needed for plot clarity and length of the film, but when you change names, characters, and major plot lines I get to call them on it. Anywho . . .some of the transitions were a bit awkward to me but I did like how the tone of the movie fit the book. And of course it was sad, but since we've all read the book, we knew it was coming. Also of note, Carter and Davis have graduated from their Level 1 swim class. Hip Hip Hooray! I think the requirements were to enter the pool, walk 5 feet, and bob 5 times so it was a big shocker when they passed, but they got a little certificate that they have been showing to the grandmas so it's all good. And because they followed my behavior requirement (stay with your teacher, do NOT go on the slide) they got to pick a toy. Hooray for 60% off toy sale at Smith's Marketplace and the $11 remote controlled Batmobiles the boys have hardly parted with since. We also had a swim playgroup for the twin club which was fun, though we had to take off early for swim lessons. We made 5 minute ice cream in a bag which was surprisingly yummy (I noted other moms snacking on their kids' too, it wasn't just me ;)) .Finally, I think I have found my new favorite sno cone flavor, green apple and wild cherry with Pucker Up. You know that was note worthy! :)

On to the main focus on this post (i.e. the only thing I photographed . . .) Pioneer Day. For those not from Utah, July 24th is a holiday here that honors the day when Brigham Young and the first wave of Mormon Pioneers arrived in Salt Lake City. It is celebrated like a 2nd 4th of July, and who wouldn't like that? Apparently Lehi celebrates it with foam. I had never heard of this but Lowell saw it in the paper and the park is a stone's throw from our house so we went to check it out. The Lehi fire department was spraying heaps of foam (fire retardant foam I am guessing?) onto the field and all the kids were welcome to just play in it. Davis looked at me like, can I really get wet and messy? And then jumped right in. Carter was a little more timid.

I had to take his shirt off before he would consent to getting wet.

Davis swimming in the foam

Yes he was covered in it

Carter finally warming up to the idea

And getting into it!

Foamy brothers, life is grand! Note how all the kids covered in foam look the same--I lost my monkeys a time or two in the fray.

And then everyone got in the giant shower . . .

And went home happy (still finishing their lunch).
We then had my family (just my parents and sister Hillary, boo hiss to those who couldn't come) up for a BBQ and fireworks.

Kiddos throwing snaps at the ground

Then waiting for the fireworks

And enjoying them. This was the Jr. version of our 4th festivities with mostly legal fireworks as our area is much more likely to start on fire than my in-laws (i.e. dry weeds next door and a barn filled with hay in the backyard).
We also tried the chocolate zucchini cake recipe my friend Ashlee shared with us and it was delicious. Hooray for being able to pretend it was healthy because of all the veggies. :) Next week is actually pretty tame, no big plans, weird for us. I'm sure something will come up . . .
I finished reading 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea this week (and came to the funny realization that the title means they traveled 20,000 Leagues while under the sea not that they were that distance beneath the water which really doesn't make sense but I never really thought about it) and enjoyed it. It was a slow read, 300 pgs in 2 weeks and much like Around the World in 80 days except under water. I was impressed, as always, with Jules Verne's ideas considering the time in which his books were written. Now to think of such a submarine is no big deal, but of course in the mid-1800s it was a different story. It was fun to read his conjecture on the continent of Antarctica knowing what we know now. It has also spurred a reading idea for me, to read all the books about the characters in League of Extraordinary Gentleman. If you haven't seen the movie, you should, it is fun and who doesn't love Sean Connery? It is the tale of multiple literary characters thrown together in a story of adventure. So my reading list now includes: Invisible Man (starting it today), Dracula, Tom Sawyer, The Picture of Dorian Gray, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Jekkyl and Mr. Hyde, and one about Allan Quartermain (Solomon's Tomb or something like that). Then I should have reached my 2000 pages so I will read Breaking Dawn again and then move to Wuthering Heights (because of its Eclipse connection) and Pillars of the Earth (recommended by my dad). That should keep me busy for a while, yeah for a job with so much down time. Happy Summer Reading :)


Scott and Jillian said...

Ha ha! I always thought it was the distance below the surface, not distance traveled while underwater, too! Are you going to the UVMOM Family Party on the 11th? I might be in town for it!!!

Anonymous said...

C and D look so grown up in these pictures! I need to get off of my lazy blogger kick sometime but in the meantime, love your blogging dedication Heid! I'm seriously sad that we won't get to hang next month :(( You guys are SUPER fun. Also, pray for O that he'll get an internship there so that we can live in Lehi like all the cool folk do.