Thursday, July 16, 2009

My little fish and A day in our lives . . .

So, it turns out we have little fish on our hands! Who knew? Seriously last year Davis would barely swim with us holding him the entire time and though we had a pool they never spent more than 20 minutes in it so I was in no rush to replace it this year. Well after swimming at the Legacy Center last week the kids wouldn't stop asking about swimming so we picked up a little pool for them. And some squirt guns which became their constant companions for a few days (why wouldn't you want to sleep with a foam squirt gun???). Here they are squirting the grass, yes that stream ended up pointed at me a couple of times but the rule was set, no squirting mommy or daddy.

Unfortunately poor Oscar was not included in the rule (all the dogs have been tormented at some point, they are learning to just stay inside, see how anxious Max is to get in.)

And squirting each other is fair game as long as they are both armed. Notice how dark it is getting? This is because I could not get them out of the pool--it had been an hour already and I had long since given up and just eaten my dinner without them. Luckily we have a hot water spigot outside (thank you plumber who built our house) so they were still cozy in their pool like tub. As long as it is bedtime and it's like a tub . . .

We just went ahead and took our bath in the pool. Such silly kids, they loved it!

We started swimming lessons Monday and after a little hesitation from Carter (he had jumped in solo when we went swimming and was a little timid about getting in without me--Lowell had jumped in after him with no problems but he needed some convincing that a teacher would be with him and he would be where he could touch) and a little hesitation from mommy, 2 teachers, 6 3 year olds, the math is a little scary to me . . .it has all gone well. Davis also needed a reminder that the slide is not part of swimming lessons. Oh how they love it, so happy. I have to sit a ways away from them and I am gearing up for preschool already, how strange to hand my kids over to someone else and watch from the sidelines. How weird for them to do things on their own that I am not a part of. It will take some getting used to.

Tuesday we decided to try out an edible play doh recipe I snitched from facebook (1 c. peanut butter, 1 c. dry milk, 1 Tbsp honey) and it turned out pretty good. A little sticky still, maybe too much honey? Either way the kids had fun before they figured out you could eat it and then munched away (me too, tasted like peanut butter cookie dough).

Davis and his "airplane"

Carter's butterfly

Tuesday took an irritating turn after swim lessons. I needed to go pick up my new cell phone from UVRMC ( hooray for a functioning phone!) and managed to meet up with my mom and sis for lunch first. We went to Magleby's Fresh which I have always enjoyed but they were SO rude to me and the kids and all but asked us to leave. The kids weren't even being bad, climbing the booth a little and maybe leaving some fingerprints, but I had given them a tip knowing my kids are messy. Needless to say I will not be back and I would not recommend it to anyone else either. Being the vindictive self that I am, I am going to go leave some comments on restaurant review sites letting others know it is not a family friendly restaurant. Sorry, I was miffed. Then my mom and I took my tired kids through the hospital and the lady with my phone wasn't there. I was already irritated so it didn't take much to put me over. Plus I was tired from a long night of call so a 4 hour nap later life seemed a little better. Until we went to try the Hawaiian Shaved Ice place in Lindon and after a 30 minute wait, it wasn't very good. The ice was awesome, so soft but there was no flavor in mine or Lowell's. The boys Cherry was good, so get that if you go. We're sticking to Snowie's (and yes I have had like 4 this week, Lowell calls it his liquid crack). Then I went to get my phone, which yes was there, but it was odd the flood of emotions that involved. All it took was going in the after hours Labor and Delivery entrance . . .and remembering all the times I came in that door late at night or early in the morning to go see my tiny little Carter. I mean, seriously the kid is so healthy and strong now why should it bother me? But I couldn't help almost tearing up thinking about the stress and concern there was to have a kiddo in the NICU. They took him away from me on a ventilator for goodness sakes, me a brand new mom. I was happy to be done with Tuesday I must say.

And just for kicks, I decided to make Wednesday a "Day in Our Life" to remember some day what our average day was like. I'd call this above average, but still.

8:45 am (thank goodness for kids that sleep in!) Wake up to Max throwing up on the bed (lovely!--too much edible play doh dropped on the floor).

8:47 am Kids are kicking their doors, ready to get up. Get breakfast going and head to use the potty myself

8:52 Exit the potty to find this:

9:00 Get myself dressed, exit to find this:

I guess Carter has a future life in crime??

9:01 Get kids dressed and all their swim stuff together and in the car

9:25 Leave and go to Target to buy goggles, dog food, and diapers (for bedtime, first time in 6 weeks I've had to buy diapers, hooray!)

9:50 Arrive at the movie theater and get a drink, and take a pic since we are early for once

Davis insists on having his goggles and yes wears them during the movie. We watched "Arthur and the Invisibles" which I enjoyed even with a potty interruption and a few trips to the foyer looking for our friends (no luck).

11:25 Leave early to go to swim lessons (may have to rent it to see how it ends).
11:50 Get into swim lessons late after a huge amount of soda necessitates learning how to pee in a bottle. Thankful for boys. I sit back and read 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (so fitting for pool side don't you think? The kids would get a kick if they knew I was reading about "Nemo".)
12:25 Head to get Arby's freeby Wednesday but the kids are demanding chicken nuggets so we go to McDonald's instead where Davis gets a cheeseburger (?).
1:15 Kids are ornery and tired, after eating I get them in bed for nap. I pick up lunch and lay down after finishing Eclipse (again). I loved it, again.
4:45 Wake up to Lowell snoring and Carter screaming--I tell him to lay back down not realizing it is time to get up. He did go back to sleep so it worked out. Lowell looks at me amorously. . .
5:15 Get the kids up and a snack and dressed again and head to the Gardens

Davis won't take his goggles off again, but he's still cute!

7:00 Head for home with a stop to get sno cones. I try raspberry and mango and it is very syrupy, yea for me!

7:30 I make dinner (sweet sticky chicken, rice with almonds, and thai cole slaw) while Lowell works on the garden and the boys head for the pool.

It is SO fun to wear goggles apparently

My fish, actually they said they were a dolphin and a shark

8:30 Drag kids inside to warm up in the tub

The goggles are a necessity in the tub as it keeps the soap from their eyes, or so they say.

8:50 Get them in their jammies and finally get them to eat dinner

Davis' sad eyes from wearing goggles all day, he has a nice bruise today.

9:00 While kiddos eat, I take the puppies for a walk. Hillary calls while I am out and offers to watch the kids so Lowell and I can go get dessert or see Harry Potter. Too tired for a movie, we choose dessert.

9:45 Home again, kids getting down, Hillary comes over.

10:00 After multiple story, water, and kiss requests Lowell and I head to Chili's and have Skillet Queso and chocolate chip lave cake. This day rocks!

11:15 Home again, thanks and some queso to Hillary we head for bed. Carter is still awake.

11:45 I watch Dinner Impossible and make a final trip to tell Carter to go to bed.

12:00 Turn off TV and go to sleep

So there's our day for you, I just know you were dying to know! LOL! And one last funny, if you made it this far. You can't really hear it, but Davis says he is "Dadis, Booty Shaker"


Sal-my-gal said...

There is no way to describe having your baby taken away on a ventilator. I'd be emotional too. Thank Heavens for modern medicine. Here's to now healthy children!

Scott and Jillian said...

Well, I for one enjoyed reading your chronicled day, Heidi! Your little boys are so cute. I wish we lived closer so we could have playdates. I know Michael would get along with them really well. He gets tired of playing with girls all the time, I think.

Kemp Kuties said...

Oh my gosh! I would LOVE to be a fly on your wall (or in your car since you are always on the go!). Your boys & family life seem to keep you on your toes - I LOVE IT!

I love the googles - seriously cute. Did they sleep in them? LOL!