Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happy Independence Day!

Be careful what you complain about, as it can always get worse! My view today is this: The walls are moving in on me! Yikes! I think this is as bad as it is going to get, we'll just push through. I am thinking of putting up some posters on the plastic and making them look like windows . . .more to come.

Another full week so far . . .Friday Lowell and I were able to attend the sealing of my cousin Mary to her darling new hubby. It ended up being quite the long day but it was enjoyable. I am quite envious of my aunt and uncle as now all 5 of their children have served missions, gone to BYU, and gotten married in the temple. I think that is quite the accomplishment. I asked my Aunt Yvonne her secret and she said simply, Family Home Evening and Family Prayer. Note taken! Cyndel and Rob were kind enough to sit with the kiddos so we could go, thank you thank you! I even have a great vomiting story for the trip, but I think I'll keep that to myself.

Saturday was the 4th of July, hooray! I had to get my pre-festivity shots of course:



Best buds

I got to do dessert this year, I think that is the funnest assignment. Here's my flag cake (Cool Whip/cream cheese frosting covering pound cake and red Jello)

I also did Jello pops for the kids, with basically the same ingredients. I couldn't find Berry Blue Jello, so I substituted Peach food colored blue. Shhh . . .don't tell.

They liked it anyway. We had a hot dog bar and swimming plus water balloons at Mike and Sina's house. The kids loved swimming with their cousins.

And Carter thought his Uncle making fart noises was truly hillarious.
The 4 kiddos (minus only one grandkid, our dear Dylan who we miss already--the kiddos say "hi" to him every time a plane goes by. Man that would be a bummer if they were still in the air!)

And a rarity, sweet Alivya let Lowell hold her--neither of our nieces seem to like Lowell much but it was a good day for Lowell Saturday, he was soaking up the super cute girl time.

Next we headed over to Lowell's parents for our "driveway of fire". Lowell and his sis went up to Wyoming to get some "cheaper" legal fireworks, compared to the stands and grocery stores, and came back with just lots and lots of stuff, most of it not entirely legal. What a fun show we had! Lots of big booms, the kids loved it!

Davis and his sparkler

Carter too

Dinda helping D light his fire truck (yes there is something ironic about a fire truck shaped firework!) The boys love the festive fireworks like these, they also had pagados and new this year, penguins:

Yes, the sparks are shooting out of the penguins eyes! Then they fired out of his tummy and finally his bum, spinning him around. Yes, the kids loved the penguins. We were so pooped by the end, but it was fun and we hurried home to bed.

Tuesday my sisters joined the kiddos and I for some splash time at the Children's Garden (love it!) and then we went as a family to go swimming at the Legacy Center, our first family home evening in a long while. The kids did much better than the last time we went, a relief for me as they start swim lessons next week and will be in the pool without me this year. Daddy and Carter even braved the big slide. Surprisingly the kids just wanted to float around and hang out with mommy and daddy more than play on the equipment. I wasn't complaining--swimming with toddlers equates to lots of cuddle time for me. We then got my new summer fav, snow cones and hurried home for another late bed time (not before we had a little lesson though, I do so love the new Nursery Manual). Yesterday we enjoyed the first fruits of our garden, a zucchini and it was delicious! We also had fun at the movies with Anthony and Andrew though Horton Hears a Who wasn't quite as engaging as some of the other movies, probably because they have seen it.

And today the kiddos decided to deplete me of my favorite part of our garden, the tomatoes. Every year they pick the few tomatoes we manage to grow before they ripen. Sigh. This time they also armed Lowell's water balloon sling shot with them and threw them to the horses over the fence. Crazy kids (this was also done half naked because for some reason we don't need to wear pants in our backyard). Oh and something was said about pooping on the grass like the doggies, but I didn't go out and investigate. This was actually the second time they were naked in the backyard today, the first was while I was trying to get them dressed! Out they went to jump on the trampoline while they were suppose to be on the potty. What is it with boys and being naked!?! The good news is I continue to adore my backyard and the boys are really getting into playing on their own out there. They used to only jump on the trampoline if a parent went with them (better bounce) but they are learning to enjoy just each other's company. They come up with the craziest games and ideas, mommy is so not in the loop. But you know what, I love it. I love how they chatter to each other now and that yesterday they thought it would be hillarious to hang a Halloween decoration on our bedroom door to "scare" Lowell. I love their little imaginations and even sometimes their naughtiness. At least they are healthy and have active little minds!

Oy, I am freezing and the temperature gauge is on the other side of the big curtain. I'm going to go get my lab coat on and warm up. Oh and almost certainly play Farmtown on facebook, yes I am obsessed. And speaking of obsessed, I am reading Eclipse for the third time now. I did finish Around the World in 80 Days and did enjoy it, even if it was a slow read. Only 300 pages but it took me forever. The historical nature of the travel was fun and I really liked the ending. But before I could finish it Eclipse was calling to me (in my defense I had left 80 days in the car and had to have something to read while the boys watched their morning cartoons . . .). It's been a couple thousand pages of non-Twilight books since New Moon so I was entitled to dig in again. I don't get it truthfully, I just enjoy reading them. I would seriously read them all in a non-stop loop if I didn't realize how many other good books are also calling to me. Anywho . . .time to go warm up!

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