Thursday, February 19, 2009

Trip Day 3: Universal Studios

Thanks for the support of my Twilight fetish! I felt like a closet reader, glad to hear there are others who enjoy them as well. I'm just about done with round 2 of book 1 and book 2 arrived in the mail today (secret shout of hooray!). For the record, Lowell did make fun of me, paying particular attention to my use of the word, enamored. Oh well. Anyone want to place bets on me winning him over to going and seeing the movie at the dollar theater with me this weekend? I told him he could count it as a Valetine's "gift" to me. I am excited but also cautious to read the 2nd book as I felt the first one actually ended well. Curious what else could come up and interrupt the love of Bella and Edward. That's the fun of reading books late though, I won't have to wait, just read on through.

Enough about twilight . . .back to our trip! Tuesday morning we got up early and drove the nasty traffic filled freeway over to Universal City and Universal studios. I hadn't been there since I was probably 9 or so, there were a lot of changes. This was the park I was most concerned for the kids over, as there was much less for them to do there than the others parks. We hit the back lot tour first and it was fun to see the changes in the past 20 years. Some was the same, but mostly different and pretty fun. The boys were a little timid, but did okay. It's hard for them to understand dramatized peril from we are all actually going to get hurt. We then made it over to the new Simpson ride. I was not impressed. It was okay but not up to the hype the park had made over it. In the meantime the boys found the Curious George land and that was better than advertised. There was a giant room full of foam balls that you could shoot at each other in a variety of ways. It's safe to say that was a hit. I also took a hit to the eye, ouch! At this point my travel sicky issues had resolved (no more yucky gas station toilets) but a sinus infection flaired causing pain and grouchiness. Blech! Universal did have a fun option (not for my diet), all you can eat all day for $20. Considering one meal would run us $12+ and not be that filling, we went for it and got our money's worth ;).

The lower level of Universal was fun as well, but not much there for the boys. I rode the one "drop" ride I had conceded to: Jurassic Park. In the end I was glad I did it, the attacking dinosaur theme was fun and well executed but I still hated the 84 foot drop. That's just me. The Mummy ride was easily my favorite, it's the fastest roller coaster in So. Cal. and it's in the dark. No major drops, just fast which suited me well. They also have a parent swap room there, with toys and a TV. What a great idea! The lines were nothing so we rode over and over. We also caught a few shows and saw a few characters and that was the whole day!
Carter dove right into George's arms, he was so excited!

Lowell being eaten by Jaws.

Me and Matt Damon, everyone laughed at my eagerness to take this shot, what can I say, yum-o!

Davis loved George too!

Our sideways family in front of the universal ball

Sideways family in front of the Universal Arch.

Meeting Dora, I think it is Davis. She was very sweet!

Dora and Carter, they loved George and Dora but were FREAKed out by Shrek and SpongeBob

Lowell liked SpongeBob though!
The traffic back was equally bad--I don't miss that at all! We made it home (my family and Cyndel, the rest had stayed back to see a filming of a show) and none of us even stayed awake long enough for the lasagna to cook! When my kids put themselves to bed, you know they are tired!

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