Monday, February 23, 2009

Trip Day 4: Disneyland Day 2

Back again with the pics, yes this could last a while! But as Jillian would say, if I didn't blog it, did it really happen? First on Friday we had the UVMOM Valentine's playgroup. I was VERY lucky my friend Lyndsie volunteered to have it at her house because we had 21 kids planning to come and my house is a little tight for that many. Only 19 came (we missed you Jess!) but that was still plenty--they are all between 6 months and 4, most in pairs :). I think it turned out okay, the kids ran crazy, we made bags for our valentines and bird feeders (glue 3 pretzel rods together in a triangle, let the kids smear on peanut butter and sprinkle bird seed) and then distributed the valentines. Here's a couple of shots: All the cute bags lined up ready to be filled

My Davey boy was happy to be there (and to be leaving, he was ready for lunch and a nap!)

Carter L O V E S his candy!

If you are a member of UVMOM, I'll be posting more pics on our facebook page. I worked this weekend so that mostly what else I have been doing . . .seems like a lot of hours lately--for some reason my days clump together in the schedule and I am just finishing the busy clump, plus I had tons of call backs last week (read, lots of moola, zero sleep!). I am very ready for a couple of restful days off. And I have to commit to myself to not spend them both reading twilight. I am already getting depressed that I only have 1.5 books to go. I'm pathetic! But I do love Edward again, book 2 he was getting kind of iffy, but all is well.

So on Wednesday of our trip we had another big day at DisneyLand. It's safe to say the boys were excited:

Here they are lined up with their strollers all ready for departure. We spent the morning at California Adventure and enjoyed the new Toy Story ride--the bubs and I did it twice, once while the brave folks did California screaming. It is a lot like the Buzz Lightyear ride where you are shooting at targets, but there are also 3D glasses and I liked it better.

Here's Davis riding the carousel. We then headed over to Bug's Life Land which is one of the boys' favorite areas. Never very busy and perfect rides for them. This year they were tall enough for the bumper cars. Yea!
Davis with Daddy on Flik's coasters, or whatever it is called

Me and Tarter Sauce

Daddy and his boys with Grizzly mountain in the background

Lowell and I with our "bug eyes" waiting for the Bug's Life show. This is my FAV show! California Adventure has always been great for us for meeting characters.

Here's the boys with Goofy

And Minnie, Carter loves her! We missed her once and he just sobbed.

And our family with Lightning McQueen. I need to see if someone got a better pic. I got to try a Disney specialty this day, a turkey leg. Sounds weird but they sell them from the carts--giant turkey legs. I quite liked it, moist and flavorful. Lowell wasn't as enthused. The boys and I chowed down waiting for everyone on Tower of Terror (no freaking way!) and then we headed back for nap time. We headed back in the evening for Davey's favorite part, meeting Mickey!
They just loved him!

Heck, so do I! I'm even starting to get some color in my cheeks at this point, gotta love sunshine! We played around at Disney and hhit a few more rides though this evening for some reason was pretty busy. The boys didn't want to wait in line so we played at Goofy's house in toon town with Grandpa. Then we headed over for Fantasmic. I love that show too, the Disney folks are definitely the masters at projecting on to a mist. This fueled Davis' enthusiasm for Mickey as well.

Rob and Mr. D waiting for the show. Gma and Gpa took the bubbies back on the bus while the rest of us "kids" did Indiana Jones again. This was the only day we stayed until close. And because I am a sucker and my kids are spoiled we brought them back a Mickey Mouse. We usually get one nice thing at the park each year and this was it.

Davis loves his and hasn't slept without it since. Carter likes his too but not as much. Maybe I should have gotten him Minnie? I made dinner that night, yummy chicken stir fry, nothing like a lean protein and tons of veggies when you are on vacation! And we all crashed hard like every night. :)


Scott and Jillian said...

Well, I can't take credit for that quote, 'cause I stole it from The Pioneer Woman (she cracks me up!) Anyways, yes the turkey legs are delightful. Or, as Scott's family calls them,'Turkey on a leg bone'.

Trent & Carlie & Co. said...

Looks like you guys had a ton of fun! It was great talking to you at the twin group. I took a couple of pictures, so I will try to add them to Facebook soon. I can't wait until lour girls are old enough to go to Disneyland. I know they will love it! Your boys are so sweet! Carter kept coming over and looking at my girls. :)

Carlie, UVMOM Group

Marta said...

I love reading about your trip! It sounds like a ton of fun! I am so glad you were able to take a fun family vacation- you deserve it!