Saturday, February 7, 2009

Farewell my friends . . .

Farewell my friends, I go on to a better place (name the children's movie!--and no it is not lost on me that the character in question is vastly wrong). Tonight we leave for the great land of Vacation. In years past this traveler has made many journeys to Vacation with Spouse and had a splendid time. As time has passed we have added Temper and Tantrum to our caravan and the land of Vacation has changed. Perhaps some of the joy has gone with it. We used to enjoy travels to Museum and Scenic Overlook where now it is the quest for PlayLand and Happy Meal. We live in fear of side trips to MissedNapville and Schedule-out-of-whack-ton. Our trusty steed used to contain a quickly packed duffel and a couple of sodas and now requires a 2 page list of items, 3/4 of which belong to Temper and Tantrum. This wily traveler added a trap door in the land of Vacation where Spouse and I will get some time minus the dynamic duo. In a beautiful room where we hope for a visit from the most sought-after of parental dreams, a visit from the Sleeping-In fairy. With a balcony overlooking the ocean that does not have to be welded shut lest we forever lose Temper and Tatrum. And with dinner reservations at a locale that does not even have chicken nuggets on the menu. While this traveler is anxious for this repose with Spouse and a reminder of things gone by she is also looking forward to the new joys that Temper and Tantrum bring to the land of Vacation. Side trips to Awe and Wonderment are bound to be plenty. The "Mom I just met Buzz Lightyear" and first real roller coaster experience exits should delight. While change is not always welcomed, sometimes it proves to make what you already love oh so much better. So that when "Are we there yet" meets "Can we go again?" we can remember that the expedition that is Family is never-ending and abounding in love, joy, and miraculous discoveries. Wish us luck! Oh and at the condo in the land of Vacation there is supposed to be a Wi-Fi fairy so updates should be expected--though as all travelers know, expectations are not always met, so we'll see.

Here's our itinerary
Sunday-travel and settling in
Tuesday-Universal Studios
Thursday-Sea World (our night off in San Diego)
Friday-San Diego Zoo
Sunday-Travel home

And just in case you want a peak at our previous travels to Vacation, here you go:

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Scott and Jillian said...

I loved this post! It was so awesome! Can you give my dynamic trio fun vacay nicknames, too? hahaha. I.Love.It. Have a great time on your trip. I can't wait till we take the kiddos to Disneyland.