Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Trip Day 2, DisneyLand Day 1

Lest I get behind, I'll insert what we are currently doing at the beginning of my vacation journaling. Not that I have much to add--boys have been tired and needy since we got home. Seems like after having mom and dad at their disposal 24/7 they think it should always be that way. If only. Yesterday we went to the dino museum where the kiddos actually branched out from their typical (playing the memory game over and over) and played in the sand table a little. That was nice. I am wondering if they will be quite mathematical considering their obsession with puzzles and memory games. Who knows? I am just happy to see them focus for any amount of time on something, put some of my ADHD worries to bed. Actually as they have grown over the last couple of months a lot of my concerns over their development have been calmed, such a blessing! They are still very busy 3 year olds, but they are just that, 3 year old . . .boy . . .twins. They are their own creature, one that others (like my mother) don't always understand but that doesn't make them abnormal. We sure adore them no matter what. Now if only they could get potty training down a little better . . the trip didn't help but they did stay dry this morning. We stayed home working on projects for the twin club playgroup this week--belated Valentine's. I finished Twilight and am re-listening to it as I wait for Eclipse to come in the mail. I am a nerd.

Anywho . . .Monday was our first day at DisneyLand and of course the bubs were quite excited. I don't know if it was from all the hyping up Uncle Robbie did, from watching Disney channel, or from actually remembering going last year but they were thrilled to be there. We got up so early for me, but with the time change 7 am seemed fine for the boys. We were there to wait for them to let us through at the official opening time. Here's my Davey waiting: I spiked their hair as tall as I could in hopes that they would reach the 40 inch mark. They didn't. Turned out okay though, they were pretty scared of the big roller coasters anyway. Someday.

We ran to Pirates of the Caribbean (Rob's choice) but it was closed down temporarily so we made it over to Thunder Mountain Railroad, one of my favs. Above is Hill and Rob getting ready for our first ride.
We made our way to fantasy land where the kiddos got to ride "Bumbo" something they had been asking for a lot.

We also did the Casey Jr. train since they were upset they couldn't do the Thunder Mountain train:

We followed with more rides in fantasy land which promptly terrorfied the boys. By the end of the Pinocchio ride Davis was bawling. It never ceases to amaze me just how frightening a lot of Disney movies are. The boys were sceptical of every single ride the rest of the trip, sure they would be scary. They did love most of the rides once we got them on though. This is where our luck turned that day . . .it started to rain. In line for It's a Small World it just started pouring. Smart mom that I am I didn't even bring the kids a coat (we're in So. Cal after all) and the bubs were freezing. We hid out in the little shop and ended spending $30 on ponchos just to get out of the park without drowning. Back at the condo we pouted about not being at the park and the weather forecast which had an awful lot of rain for the whole week we were going to be there. I ran and bought the boys rain coats and a stupid $17 umbrella, thrilled to get it as it was the last one in the whole store. I guess I should be grateful, I think that was the trick to break the curse. Spend $17 on an umbrella and $30 on ponchos and you will never have to use them again. I guess it was worth it in that sense. The forecast kept changing in our favor and we saw very little rain after that and then not when we were at a park or hard enough to even need a coat.
We put the bubs down for a nap, Hillary and my mom agreed to stay with them so the rest of us ran to the park to enjoy some kid free time. It was a blast! I got to ride most of my fav rides with very little if any lines. I LOVE space mountain! Once the kiddos were up we found out there was a little, very traumatic, trouble. My mom and sis were getting ready and the kids disappeared. We got the text that they lost my kids. WHAT!?!? Talk about freak me out! Turns out the little stinks had just opened the unlocked door (not that it would have mattered if it was locked, later in the trip I watched them push the stroller over and unlatch it) wandered to the elevator, pushed the button and got in and went down to the lobby. I am grateful that is where they ended up and not some other random floor because the security guards had them in short order and held them until my mom and sis reached them. I wonder if someone was already in the elevator and simply escorted them there realizing 3 year old usually don't travel alone. However it happened I am so grateful the story has a happy ending! Needless to say the boys were never again left without a parent.
When we were all reunited at the park we had a lot more fun. The short lines were great and we took in a lot of fun rides that the kiddos enjoyed as much as we did.

Cyndel, Robbie, and Carter bug (in his full rain attire) on the train

Daddy and Davis on the jungle cruise

Another of Davis just because he was SO cute and happy!
Lowell and I headed home early as it was Lowell's night to cook and we all ended up just staying home, totally beat. It was a VERY full day.


Marta said...

I love hearing about your second day of your trip. I can't believe that your boys went down to the lobby by themselves! Maybe they were just looking for some hot 3 year old girls!! It sounds like you had a fun time!!

Scott and Jillian said...

You're not a dork..I read the first three in succession on Thanksgiving break and am wanting to get the 4th one asap. (haven't gotten a library card yet. It's a longish story) Seeing your post makes me want to go to Disneyland SO bad.

Anonymous said...

Okay so two comments:
1) I also decided to shun the Twilight books but then curiosity and a great deal got the better of me and I ended up buying the complete set from Amazon and reading all 4 books in a week. What a dork right!
2) The elevator thing made me shiver because this sort of thing happened to me with D every time I went to the bathroom for an entire year! I'm glad that your boys were safe and sound without incident! SO scarry! It sounds like it was fun regardless;)

DanielM said...

How Funny! We're taking the family next week!

Seriously, a great lookin family, you should be proud. I just ran across your blog, so dont take offense I'm looking at it.

I dont really do the social networking thing, so I'm hard to find, but not impossible!

Dan M

Davis and Carter's Mommy said...

Hey Daniel-
If you happen to check this and you are the Dan M I am thinking of, drop me a line so I don't have to "impossibly" try to find you! I've looked before with no luck. I'd love to hear how you are and how your family is. Thanks!