Thursday, January 22, 2009

Rough and Tumble Week

Well it has been a bit of a rough and tumble week, just trying to stay afloat sometimes. We are blessed beyond comprehension, but I think I am still entitled to feel like I've had a hard day sometimes. For instance, Tuesday I woke up to find Carter had gotten into his closet, into a drawer in there and pulled out all the papers from my mom's big book of genealogy. Family group sheets just strewn about, my great-great grandparent's journal pages crumpled in a corner . . .I have no clue what inspired him to do that. I was pretty frustrated but still took a picture to humor myself (hopefully) later. I picked it all up and packed it in the car to take to my mom's house so we can sit down and reorganize it where it will be safe. So, want to see the picture? Well, a minute after I took that shot the camera went capoot. No reason why--the LCD screen went white with an ugly black splotch and nothing works. The good news is it still covered under warranty, the bad news is it has not been easy to file my service request. I am wondering if this model has had a lot of problems. Oh well, I'll keep trying. (Side note, Carter's Fisher-Price camera went capoot this week too, sheesh! Working on that one too). So while I was on the phone with Samsung trying to figure this out the boys were (of course) up to no good. I could hear them playing from what I thought was the basement play room. No such luck, now that they can get through the door locks they were in my bathroom. Carter was spraying himself and everything else with hair spray and Davis took a few good chunks out of his hair with Lowell's nose hair trimmer. It's not too bad but it seemed like it in the moment. Wish I could show you a picture, oh wait, my back up camera that was working now isn't again and I can't find the power cord to see if it is just dead. Ugh! (I wanted to share with you the pics they took earlier this week when Carter first figured out the door locks . . .and got up before Mommy . . .and played on the counter and with knives . . .and took pictures of themselves doing it! But it will have to wait for another day) That was all by breakfast time. Then we headed to the twin club's play group at Jumping Jack's and that was great. We had a new gal come which is always fun and a bunch of other kids. The boys loved it and I enjoyed visiting. I was less thrilled with the boys' potty training that day--between diapers and in their underwear they pooped no less than 9 times by nap time. Blech! I am so sick of poop. They both also managed to get slightly bloody noses romping around and Davis got a dandy rug burn from one of the slides. That night I got to go to dinner for my mom's birthday and then we met with our mortgage guy until 11 pm. It was a long day. Wednesday I woke up feeling quite sick . . .Lowell says I tend to overextend myself . . . does that sound like me? I had already had part one of the boys' cold which weakened me for part 2 which is still in process. Made for a great day Wednesday when I was swamped at work but wasted from the cold. Oh well, grateful to have a job.

Let's see what else did we do this week? Saturday at Davis' request we went to the zoo but didn't get to stay long because Carter peed his pants. I did catch a great OshKosh sale on the way home, spent $90 saved $333. Add to the ebay deals I got over the weekend, 48 shirts for $60 and the boys' summer and fall wardrobes are looking good. Monday Lowell was off work but all we got to do was go to the gym which lasted about 2 minutes because Carter peed his pants again (why his mommy didn't bring any extra pants is beyond me! Something about he won't pee through his plastic pants). I was feeling pretty exasperated with potty training but then yesterday I took the boys shopping to 2 stores and they had no accidents at all. So nice!

And even though I feel like giving up, I have a new inspiration with training because I am meeting with the boys' probable preschool teacher tomorrow. I say probably because I haven't met and confirmed the choice but I think this is who I will go with. She is a former school teacher, comes with great recommendations, has a good curriculum (kid friendly with play learning plus field trips and even a Christmas performance), and seems to genuinely love kids. She sounded so sweet on the phone. It is a home based preschool but with 3 team teachers helping the main gal and only one class at a time of course. The price is good too so as long as her facility looks good that's what we'll be doing. Crazy how emotional it makes me though. 2.5 hours of "free time" twice a week is nothing to be too upset about. It's just so weird to think of them doing things independently. They are still my babies. I was holding Carter this morning and rocking him like a baby and I asked him if he was my baby. And he said, No, I'm your boy. So true. I was tickling him after playgroup Tuesday and asked if I was his friend and he said, No, you're Mommy, Andrew (one of Reva's twins) is my friend. That works for me I love Reva and it's great they have friends but I am still loving that they turn to me for hugs and loves and to rock them. Those days are numbered I know, so I soak up all the little boy love I can get. I just can't imagine them going on field trips without me, I am sure I will sign up for every one! Plus with my kids, I would be worried everyone would come back in one piece without a little extra help.

Anywho, so that's what we're doing. Hoping for a better week next week which I think I also said last week but this time I think it will come true. The boys are feeling much better and I am a twinge better than yesterday and with a nap and a full night rest tomorrow I'll probably be up and going. We're going to Jumping Jack's again tomorrow and then my niece's birthday party on Saturday so there's some fun things already in the works. Here's hoping there is good weather, good health, and fun things going on wherever you are. Loves!

P.S. I just posted this but I have to add and addendum. Lowell just texted me to let me know the boys are taking turns peeing on each other in the tub. Gross! Why are little (and sometimes big) boys so icky?


Lyndsie said...

LOL, peeing on each other in the tub!!! Wow boys are gross aren't they. I hope that you have a better week. Sounds like you remember that this time is short they will grow up soon. My kids already seem to big!!! (Kindy next year) That why I had to have another baby to cuddle!!! :)

Queen Mother said...

You are entitled to have your bad days. At least if I think so - if it's not a right of a mommy, then I am in serious doo-doo.