Sunday, January 25, 2009

A picture update!

Good news! The Nikon just had a dead battery and charged up nicely. So even after its dunk in the tub it is working and will pitch hit until the new camera can get sent off and fixed (I would complain more about that but actually the Nikon had to be sent off too and has worked great since so I am keeping my fingers crossed). I was sharing a memory card between them so I was able to retrieve the infamous pictures the boys took when they had snook out of their room before I was awake. And yes, as suspected they were playing on the counters.

Doesn't Davis seem proud of himself posing for his brother? He's holding a box of candy he got from on top of the fridge that was mostly eaten when I took them away. Sheesh, stinkin' kids!

So I met the boys' preschool teacher and though the facilities weren't quite as great as I could hope, their teacher was even better than expected so I went ahead and got them registered. I was having a tough debate between a home based preschool and a center based one and ultimately I felt like the one I chose will be the best for them. The teacher was understanding of active boys who have trouble concentrating and was fine taking time to help them. I am worried in a larger setting they may just get kicked out for being disruptive. This gal seemed to genuinely love children and had some great ideas about teaching, not just teaching letters and shapes but how to function in a school environment, be a good friend, and control your impulses. I also loved that when I described some of my concerns with the kids she didn't say, wow your kids are brats!, she said, "Sounds like a 3 year old." The bummer is school is still 7 months away and I am ready now! We'll just have to have our own fun until then. Friday night was a little rough for me I was just feeling very defeated. Lowell came home to me all stressed out and after a long shower I was able to reason a bit better and realize no one is their best after 3 consecutive 4 hours of sleep nights and running all day long. I hate to admit that my temper is much shorter when I am that tired, though I think that is true for a lot of people. Last night I crashed hard and feel a bit better today.

Last night we went to my niece Hannah's 3rd birthday. I can't believe all our kiddos are growing up so fast. My boys are the only grandkids on my side and 2 of 5 on the other so it is especially fun to get together with their cousins. Before the party I snapped a couple of shots to make up for the last few days without a working camera. I forgot to get a picture of the chunks Davey took out of his hair, I'll catch it someday!

My cheeser

Carter on the trampoline. We haven't been able to jump in 6 weeks or so because it has been totally snow-logged but the rain from yesterday melted a lot and Lowell shoveled off the rest. It was slippery and wet (and still raining!) but we had fun. The snow is re-accumulating today so I am glad we got the brief chance yesterday.

The tramp is the best toy I never would have bought.

When I took the boys shopping for Hannah I let them each pick out a gift for her and they seemed to really like that idea. Davis wanted to wrap his himself too.

Here are the boys playing their drums (it was a music party) at the party.

Davis being Mr. Cool in my nephew Dylan's sunglasses.

Playing their whistles after party.

All in all last night was a great improvement over the previous night. The boys stayed dry the whole party as well, something they struggle with sometimes since they are having too much fun to pay attention to their potty needs.

Today I am in my quiet lab while poor Lowell is wrestling the monkeys who did not sleep well last night and are cranky today. Sorry honey! I work on a 2 week rotating schedule so it is natural for me to think about what we will be doing 2 weeks from now, the next time I would work this shift . . .by this time we should be on the beach in sunny California. As I look out at the never ending mounds of snow that sure sounds great! We'll be there from Sunday to Sunday with my folks, brother and 2 sisters and I am so excited for the break. Traveling is always a challenge especially with my children but I am hoping things will go smoothly and we will all just have a great time.

Side note I keep forgetting--when I thanked Lowell for my ipod on Thankful Thursday I neglected to also thank my brother Robbie--he is the one who loaded it up with all the goodies from his personal stash. As I hit shuffle and flip through over 2600 songs I always laugh and think of him and how eclectic his taste in music is. I am also thankful for Robbie being such a great uncle. Every Sunday he comes to visit the boys and play with them. He also will meet me for lunch so I can take them to a play place. Carter and Davis just adore him and have learned so much from him, like how to blame your fart on the dog (boys!) and to sing the song from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. And can you believe he is single? So if you know anyone, Robbo has a good job, nice car, even owns his own house and is great with kids! Call now! ;) Here's a reminder of what he looks like:
Rob's on the left of course, the one on the right is SO taken. He is so handsome though I know you are all jealous ;)


The Halls said...

Hey Heidi,
Tell Lowell that I am going out shooting this Saturday if he wants to come. Jessie can email you with more information if he wants to come.


dodenbier said...

you're a nerd,

but i adore you.