Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Pics and Darn You Artscow!

So I robbed you of new pictures last post, so I am adding this one just because (and yes Cyndel there is no doubt that I blog too much!). :o) I really need to get a new card for the new camera because the internal memory at 10 mp can hold exactly 4 photos. I need more than 4 for anything I do! I may get my wish and salvage the card from the old camera because shortly after taking these pictures I found them playing with the other camera. Yes these are tub pictures--you see the problem. The last camera that got wet (the one my now old camera replaced) they took into the pool and I made the mistake of immediately turning it on to see if it still worked and frying everything. So I will be patiently waiting a few days to see if my little Nikon's days are over or if she'll live for another day. You might wonder why I care since I have a new camera and it is simply that it has some features I prefer over the new one so I really would like to have both, just for different settings. If poor Nikon is doomed, well I will just move on with Samsung. She is pretty and red and not wet. Carter, the C-man
Infamous hugging in the tub shot--the grandmas really can't get enough of these!
Davis as an "X-man". Lol Hardy Har Har, okay it's a lame joke and Lowell thinks I'm dumb.

One of my New Year's Resolutions (I never write them down because I always break them within the first month (okay week!)) was to spend less time and money on It's such a great deal but I have shoeboxes of pics and nothing to do with them. Even at a good price it just doesn't make sense if I am not going to use them. But then today I went to the site (first mistake) and noted that they have added some great digital scrapbooking features to the site. It's like artscow prices with scrapblog capabilities (well not that good but not bad either). So of course I have spent the morning making scrapbook pages--don't tell Lowell! I do have a use for these though, we have a blank large wall in our guest room and my plan is to put the 12X12 pages up in a checker board fashion across this wall. It will take a while to fill--but you know that won't be a problem for me! So if you ever stay with us you'll be able to look at hundreds of pictures of my favorite subject, my kids. Lucky you!

Davis is still my little sicky, just a cough but I hate it. I took them to Jumping Jacks on Friday and was pleased with it. First of all I took them somewhere by myself and it went okay. Other than the store where they are contained and to the gym playroom I think that is the first place I have done that. Second they have a Mommy and Me program and it was on sale! For $19.99 I can bring the boys and we can all jump (Jumping Jacks is a big inflatables place with slides and such) Mon-Fri from 11-3 all month long! Little did the gal who sold it to me know how well I can exploit such a deal. I think we'll go every Tuesday and Friday. If anyone local wants to join us, I'd love it!

On a much sadder note, one of the cancer kids I follow won his fight this past week and they will be burying him today. He just turned 5 and is a twin. I hurt so much for his family and his brother--I know first hand the connection twins have and cannot imagine how difficult this must be for him. They have been fighting his cancer (medulloblastoma, a brain tumor) since they were 2 and a half, a full year of chemo then relapse, radiation, stem cell transplant, second relapse, new therapies in New York (they're from Iowa) and then the tumors were just growing too quickly and would not be stopped. If you get a chance say a little prayer for Coleman's family and especially his twin bro, Caden. If you want to read the story, it's on and you search ColemanScott. I'll give you fair warning though, you will get hooked on these kids. You'll want to pray for them and cheer for them and fight childhood cancer. You'll also remember to hug and love on your kids every single day because every moment is precious, even the ones where they are ruining your camera. Fly High Coleman!

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Scott and Jillian said...

I loved the "X-Man" joke! Guess we're meant to be friends. :) I don't know if it works for cameras, but my friend's phone was given a 'bath' and she put it in a bowl of rice for a few days. The rice absorbed the moisture out of the phone and it still works! A.Mazing.