Thursday, January 8, 2009


Well, Happy 100th post everyone. I know you are as excited as I am. And I have found myself bored at work (yes it's all or nothing in my little lab) and have no new pics worth sharing so you just get my ramblings. We have been up to the same, potty training (ugh! but still gradually progressing), going to the gym, trying to find ways to play with all this snow (Lowell mentioned that an end to drought was a blessing of paying our tithing--we are considering stopping!) leading us to eat at Carl's Jr way more than I like to admit but they do have the best playground and ending our 1 month Thanksgiving Point fast by renewing our membership and going to the dino museum. Big D has a bit of a cold--just a cough really but Lowell and I are on edge that it may progress to croup again. I think I will forever panic whenever the bub sounds raspy. My shoulder still hurts from the sledding crash and I am still a baby and a whiner. There you go!
A couple of mildly useful things: 1)McDonald's is doing a 2 surprise toys in each kid's meal promotion. This equates to them getting rid of all the excess toys they have sitting around, but still it's 2 toys! If you are the type to go to McD, this week would be a good one. 2) I just checked with our mortgage guy and he can refinance us at 4.875%. Wow! That is so awesome! Even with our good rate of 5.5% we will be saving $172 per month. His fees rock too so we are just deciding when to lock in. Who knows if it will go down more? Rumor has it they are pushing for a 4.5% rate, but that is will not apply to refi's. Tough choice! If anyone out there is thinking about it, now is definitely a good time to consider it. As always, shop around for the best rate and fees though. I already have and know my guy is the best--I can send you his email if you want. The 4.875% is on conventional loans (20% down or equity) and with a 740 or better credit score. It is not a points buy-down and there is no origination fee.
Also of little interest will be my review of Wii Fit. I got this for Christmas and have been quite enjoying it. I wasn't so sure the first day because it weighs you and then your mii reflects the weight. For those not familiar with the wii, you create an cartoon version of yourself called a mii. You can create it anyway you wish and of course any weight you wish. Wii fit adjusts the mii to match the weight, giving me a pot belly! It did make me chuckle though. And while I am certain the scale is off, it says I have lost 10 lbs in 2 weeks. Even if it is wrong, who doesn't like to hear they have lost weight! The other odd thing is that I am a "yoga master" on one of the yoga poses. Who would have thought? I am totally uncoordinated and was certain to be labeled "unbalanced" but I am actually pretty good at wii yoga. I am starting to like it, and my animated male trainer. Not sure of his hair style, but what are you going to do. The boys like to do the tree pose with me--so funny. There are lots of interesting games as well--things that keep me interested and wanting to be "exercising"--aerobic hula hooping, ski jumping, jogging. So far it has been really fun, just be sure to get it on sale, we got ours used on ksl.


Kristen said...

how did you know it was 100?

Queen Mother said...

We're considering refinancing too. We have a rate of 6.125%! That's what the rates were when we bought this house, and we have credit scores of 780! I think it'll be worth it to look into it...

Scott and Jillian said...

glad to hear from you! If you need a break from the snow you can come visit me and we will take the kiddos to the park.

dodenbier said...

do you think you should take this as a note that you possibly, just possibly, may blog too much??


but i adore you.
i admire you.

you're my sister and i love you.

love you're little nerd