Friday, January 30, 2009

Cutie Patooties!

Once in a while the boys spoil me by being cute on camera. Always makes my day. These were yesterday morning on the way out the door to the gym. They felt like dancing . . .
And hugging . . .
And kissing!

They really are the best of friends and I just LOVE it! Like all friends they fight from time to time too but their connection and how they talk to each other and cheer each other on is one of my favorite things in life. I know all siblings have a special connection but I do believe twins have something a little different, a little deeper. It's almost like they were so close in the pre-existence that they didn't want to be apart and just came together. I've enjoyed being their buddies the past few days too. Tuesday and Wednesday I was off so I got some rest and we had some really good family time. I got to sleep in my own bed with my warm and darling hubby--it was just a good couple of nights. We took the bubs to the dino museum on Tuesday and they parked themselves on the computers playing memory. Oh well, they were happy and of course now I am trying to find that game! I am trying to de-stress myself a little over potty training and I think it is making us all happier. They are almost perfect with peeing, hardly ever an accident--even after going to 3 different stores over 3 hours on Wednesday (Davis even peed in a different stall without me, I still don't know how he did it himself so well). They just can't seem to figure out #2. We can get them to go once in a while and praise them joyously and shower them with treats but it doesn't seem to be making a dent really. We also make them clean up their own messes and though they hate it, they are still doing it. I have just given in to the fact that they will get it in their own time. I will keep trying and encouraging and heaven knows they have spent a lot of time on the potty after meal times the last little while but to keep my sanity when they then fill their diapers 3 times once we put them to bed I have had to give in a little. Any ideas are welcome though! I finally took some pics of Davis's self-hair cut but it has filled in some and luckily the kids has very full hair.

Today we went to Jumping Jack's--I think that make 6 or 7 times so far on our month pass. This time, I brought my camera!

The best part, wearing the kids out--they went down so easily for nap, if I didn't have to work I think I would have also. Seriously, climbing the big slide 3 times in a row is a work out!



Sliding some more

Yep, they love it! We also met up with my dad and brother for lunch and the on-going discussion of our trip. One week and a day to go--it is getting exciting.

Amazingly I just don't have a lot to say tonight. I am thinking about my silly monkey boys and how they drive me crazy but I can just eat them up every day. I can't believe how quickly they have grown already and I know even this age is fleeting. With all the trials comes unlimited hugs and kisses and "love you too mommy"s. I am a very lucky woman to be Davis and Carter's mommy, and Lowell's wife. The Lord has blessed us so much and continues to do so. I hope the same is true for all of you. Loves!

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The Halls said...

A lady in my ward told me that in her friend's patriartical blessing said that he and his twin in the pre existence were best friends and didn't want to leave each other and that was why they were twins. Kinda cool!