Friday, July 11, 2008


I was tagged by my cutie-friend from college, Scott. So post a memory if you want!

Here are the directions
1. As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember!
2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty funny to see the responses...

It's been the same old same old for us this week. Today is the last day of swimming lessons, so that is a bummer, but also some time freed up. It is crazy how nice the teachers have been, the boys are just magnets for people, every day at the end of class all the guards come and take the boys and play with them while I gab. So fun, I am going to miss that! We'll hopefully see our cutie lifeguard again as I invited him to go to the zoo with us and my Cyndel, who he is friends with. I am hoping to set them up, he is just so good with my boys, such a selfish reason to set someone up, huh? We also visited the dino museum and the aquarium in the last couple of days. The boys didn't do great at either though, just so cranky. I think it is both their teeth (back molars, last ones for a while hooray!) and just not sleeping all that well. Lowell and I decided last night to try seperating them at bed time for a while. I have resisted this for a long time, but he made some good points. One, everyone needs their down time, being in with each other the bubs are playing or pushing each other's buttons all the way until the fall asleep. I guess everyone should be allowed their space. Two, their sleep schedules are different, Davis likes to get up early (okay, so early at our house is 8, no one hate me!) and Carter likes to sleep longer but Big D always pesters him awake. I guess that would irritate me, I am in the Carter sleep category. Three, Davis has been using Carter to get attention in their room, i.e. he will bite Carter to get him to do the hurt cry which will get us to respnd faster than the annoying I don't want to sleep cry. This really isn't fair to Carter. Four, yesterday after another said biting incident I put Davis downstairs in his nap bed (the guest room) and he happily and quietly went right to bed. After comforting Carter he also went right to sleep. I went to get Davis (having used the downstairs room as a punishment/cool off time in my mind) and he didn't want to leave. I guess that #4 really sunk it for me. We are lucky that we have room enough for them to have their own space so this weekend we will begin the process of seperating them. I don't like Davis being downstairs, just too far away, we hear him kicking the door or through the vents, but I'd rather him be in the room right across the hall and next to Carter which is currently our playroom. So the playroom will be condensed and join the playroom take 2 downstairs (really, it is the playroom and the upstairs room was supposed to be my "preschool" area). The table and chairs and easel will stay in Carter's room to be used as our preschool and a book shelf will be added to Davey's room to keep their books handy. They'll each have a rocking chair and their toddler beds which have drawers for their clothes attached. We'd also like to redecorate both rooms to make them more comfy for them. It'll be a chore but I am actually excited about it because I think it will be good for them both. We may put them back together at some point, we'll just have to see how it goes.
So, here's a fun moment from the other day . . .Carter has been getting better with his sentences and especially connecting events and stories. Like we found a feather and Carter said, "magic feather, hold in nose, fly like Bumbo". He had hit his brother in the tub and I gave him a swat on the bum because it was easy access at the time as I was drying him off and because of the severity of the crime, he knocked him pretty good, hit him over the head with a water gun. We really try to use time outs for the most part but once in a while we will use an attention swat to get a point across, usually a pat on the hand. So Lowell was getting him dressed and said, Carter we don't hit, so he said, "I broke his head, mama hit my bum, mama no hit!". I was shocked he put that together all ready, but I just said I was sorry and committed to try harder. Such a funny little bumpkin.
They have been so funny and so cute lately even when cranky. The big thing right now is kisses. Before they were born Lowell said he would not kiss them on the lips, but they have proved him wrong. They insist on kissing on the lips and won't take no for an answer. Lately they have been into long kisses, they just kiss you and giggle as they keep on kissing. I am like 'okay, enough we're not making out!'. I don't know where they got that from . . .I am just crazy about those little buggers.
Okay one more commercial moment, I just got my most recent photo book from artscow and they gave me codes for 10 more books at just the cost of shipping $11.99. They are 30 pages and you can do full page pics, use their provided backgrounds, or paste in digiscrap pages. It is hard-bound with a custom photo cover. Anyway, the 10 books expire on 8/14 and there is no way I can use them all, I already have 5 others to use by then. But these can be shared so I am passing the codes on to you. Each can only be used once so if you try one and it doesn't work, try another one.
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