Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Finding an excuse . . .

I have a little obsession with daisies.
And eyelashes!
Gasp! The boys aren't in this one!!!
What happens when Lowell does something--they both have to copy it!

to not to work out! It's true I should be doing my nightly exercise video at work, but I have been so busy actually working (gasp!) that I am finding something to do while the tests are running besides getting started on my work out. It's just seems the later it gets, the less I want to do it. And it is almost 11, so it's not looking good! Everyday I find an excuse, I walked the boys to the park today, I went swimming (yeah swim lessons bought me 2 weeks off!), I am just tired. And though the weight is staying pretty stable from running 4.5 miles twice a week at the gym, my tummy is getting ever-so flabby. Maybe I will rationalize myself into an ab routine tonight and skip all the weights and stair climbing. Hmmm . . .

Anyway I have had some cranky children the last couple of days. It has not been pretty. So we switched into separate rooms on Sunday night and they loved it. Seriously, right to sleep without a peep (while Davis fussed for a minute being in a new room, but not bad.) And they still like their own rooms, they keep talking about it and we took them to pick a theme for their rooms (Carter: Nemo, Davis: Cars) and they have been doing well in there at night and in the morning. But naps have not gone well. It's weird because they have been apart at nap for months now, I don't get it! Maybe they are sleeping better at night and so aren't as tired for nap? But they are so so ornery and tired I don't think that's it. Who knows, but today when they just couldn't stand themselves any more they were so over-tired I really pushed the issue and they took decent naps. They went to bed on time too, so we will see if we can stop the over-tired won't nap sleep cycle.

In the midst of the orneriness, we did have some fun. We went to the Monday family night activity at the gardens and it was 'get messy!'. They had finger painting, pudding to eat, and a giant Jello fight with the sprinklers coming on after for clean up. My sis Hillary works there and she was such a help with the boys getting dirty. Fun times! Of course Carter decided to make a special mess of his own by way of overloaded Pull Up necessitating a new set of clothes so he missed the Jello part, but he had fun in the sprinklers anyway. Thanks to my honey who ran him to the car and back (not a short trip) found some clothes in the car and cleaned up the child and the stroller. Wow, he's great! He's not available for rent!

I did get to have some fun with him this week thanks to my darling Hillary. She tended the boys during nap (or lack thereof) for 2 days so Lowell and I could go see Hancock and then the next day go to Olive Garden for lunch. Such a nice chance to get away, we needed it! Next will be our anniversary (one month away) when we always go overnight and have a nice dinner, traditionally at The Cabin at The Canyons. Highly recommended, I must say. I am also trying to arrange a mom's retreat with my twin club where we'll all go spend a night away and then go shopping! Doesn't that sound fun? I hope it works out.

Well, I guess that is enough time postponing the work out, time to go!

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Scott and Jillian said...

well, cool people in Utah, if you were to plan that little sleep-over to take place in St. George sometime after August, I MIGHT be able to arrange to join you. It would be a six hour drive, but I think it would be worth it! Wa-Hoo!

And you exercise way more than I do, so I give you kudos for that. ;)