Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A busy day

Some new pics from the last little bit. The first are Carter and Davis collecting bugs. This is such a hit with them right now. They traded in their potty sticker chart for bug collecting tools and love to ensnare the unsuspecting creatures for study. I seriously wrestle the collectors away once an hour or so to give the bug some freedom. Then they find something new. The funniest thing the other day was Carter chasing a butterfly with his net yelling 'tome back bug, wait!'. It wasn't as funny when I chased it and couldn't catch it either. The butterflies are starting to just avoid our yard, interesting . . .The third and fourth pics are from our trip to cascade springs a couple weeks ago. They loved looking for fish in the ponds and I loved how enthusiastic Lowell was about finding them as well. Something about how it is a closed system and some fish made it there back around WWII and all the fish are descendents from them yadda yadda yadda.
Anyway on to our busy week. Monday was such a marathon day with lots of ups and downs. First we had the gym just our normal appointment (though I must say the fact that Die Hard was playing was a pleasant surprise and made the time and calories go quickly) then on to our first swim lesson. I think it went pretty well, they blew bubbles and jumped into the pool. Today wasn't quite as good as the boys had to float on their backs. Davis screamed for a good portion of that but they have to learn sometime right? My sisters Hillary and Cyndel have been fabulous to help me and one of the teachers, Cameron, is a big hit with the boys. They really only want to swim with him, not me, but those are my boy-loving very friendly boys for you. They will hug on any boy we meet, seriously. Anway, we put the boys down for a nap and headed to the funeral of my friend's darling little newborn. It was a tough service, especially for Lowell. He didn't even know the family, but thinking of what that would be like was hard. We watched as they closed the casket and my friend kissed her little one for the last time, who wouldn't cry watching that. There were a lot of people there, standing room only. Really a testament to my friend and all those who support her. We joined them at the grave, the little gal had the most precious casket you could imagine. It really is horrible that they even make them, but I guess sometimes you have to. It was white and fluffy with flowers imprinted on it. But it was so tiny, her grandpa was the sole pallbearer. Well, then Lowell went to Wyoming to get some fireworks (the boys call them fire-booms) for the 4th. Why can't he just get them in Utah? You'll have to ask him. So I took the boys to the Monday night activity at the gardens with my mom. It was a pirate themed night with face painting, map making, and a live bird show led by pirates. Needless to say, the boys loved it. I have some pics to post when I upload them. We also saw a snake on the way out, the day was complete (well after we got ice cream it was.) After Lowell got home we finally set up the wii and had so much fun with it. Finally something we can play together. Lowell has an Xbox 360 and loves first-person shooter games, but that is definitely not my thing. Nor could I ever do well with them. I play tetris and that's about it on the Xbox. So now he has the Xbox for gamer's games and the wii for family play. I won at Tennis and bowling, he won golf and we tied baseball. I am so sore! I could have never imagined a video game where I would strain my muscles so much. Hats off to the inventors.
So, that was quite a day! The rest of the week isn't near as exciting, more pool time and then the 4th coming up should be fun. I will be on-call but hopefully will be able to enjoy the fire-booms somewhat. Lowell picked up a lot of kids fireworks, neon sparklers, tanks, parachute men, etc. Something they can enjoy together, 3 pyros and me. Hope you are all well!

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