Saturday, July 12, 2008

As time goes by . . .

2 summers ago Lowell and I went to a company party at the gardens. I had been before but only at company parties. This was the boys first visit. Amazingly I got some shots I just adored. It helped that at the time they could barely crawl and so would just sit there nicely. Still I hung these pics on the wall of my bedroom and admired my cutie cutes.

One year later I had received a gardens pass for Christmas from Lowell and used it well. I was well versed with the gardens and the boys know it inside and out. Good pics of the 2 continued to be rare but on a fluke I tried some shots on this bench. I was alone with these 2 and hardly even let them out of the stroller for fear of them taking off on me but with candy in my hand waving above their heads to get their attention I was pleased to get a couple of good shots. I developed those and hung them on the wall in our room as well to mark the boys' progression.

So yesterday I was headed to the gardens with my mom and thought to grab the camera because the boys have been pretty good about it the last week. I got myself some chocolate from the little shop and some suckers for the boys mostly just because it was still open (the yumminess of the chocolate might have played a role). I took a chance on some pics and was so pleased to once again get some fun shots. They have chocolate all over their faces, but those are my boys and I can't believe how much theu have changed over the years. They are going on 3 and so fun and funny, I can't get enough of their darling mugs, hence so so many photos! I will get these shots developed and hang them on the wall next to the other 2 years. I am hopeful that this will get to be a yearly event, perhaps someday even including more people (no announcements--we have our hands bountifully full right now with these 2!)

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