Friday, July 18, 2008


So here's proof that once upon a time Lowell and I did things other than chase our munchkins. The top shot is me on the hike to Mirror Lake with Half Dome in the background. A more impressive picture would be me standing on top of that mountain, I so need to go and scan my old shots. Climbing Half Dome earned me an official scout name, Iron Maiden, which I am very proud of. The middle shot is Lowell and I on the beach behind our hotel at Monterey and the final is Lowell overlooking a waterfall in Lake Tahoe. We actually love to travel but have slowed down a bit since the little ones have come along. Though they have flown twice to southern Cali to see my Dad and once to Tahoe plus they have been to Disney, St. George, Las Vegas, and Denver--not too bad for not being 3 yet. I am trying to talk Lowell into another trip, Yellowstone if I can fit it in at work before school starts for Lowell. I am keeping my fingers crossed! My whole family would come and we would be camping in tents :). We'll see.
I took another adventure today, I went to 3 stores back-to-back with the boys! And after 2 busy nights of call and very little sleep and we all survived. We were getting supplies for the dogs' birthday party tomorrow, it should be fun. The boys really are so much better at stores than they used to be, they are almost portable now. Not to say there weren't quite a few bribes involved, but I have to pat myself on the back once in a while, I felt like a good mom. So often I feel completely overwhelmed and under-capable--it was nice for once to feel like I had my life under control. It will change tomorrow, but for today I think I did okay. We are going to the carnival in the morning before the party so that will be fun.
I met my new boss. Not so sure about him, I guess time will tell. We are a work family here and it is hard to introduce new people. The first thing I said to him was "What are you doing back here" meaning in the lab area where patients aren't allowed. I guess he is allowed now though. I am still rather divided on the whole situation, but if it means I can get a day off I guess I should just be grateful.
Well, happy weekend to you all. I am glad to have my 3 nights on with call (that's 42 hours in 3 days) nearly over and looking forward to a nap! Catch you all next week!

2 comments: said...

Ahh the days when we used to travel and do things. Im still impressed that you are doing trips with your munchkins. We're barely doing that. And Im impressed that you had a good shopping day. I still have crazy shoppers. Hope all is well.

Brooklyn said...

Hi Heidi!

It was fun seeing you and your boys at Walmart the other day! I'm impressed you made it to 3 stores. Actually, jealous is more like it! :)