Thursday, September 30, 2010

Quick Update

I have my mom's computer (we don't have internet at home--I prefer to use my time with the boys when I'm home since I usually have so much time at work to play online, maternity leave is kind of lonely though). We're adjusting to life with 3 kids fairly well. Claire sleeps in 3-5 hour blocks at night and is generally a joy during the day. She has a few alert periods during the day and is a lot of fun. She LOVES to eat and only is really upset when she can't eat as quickly as she would like. We have still been running around, Farm Country, campfire, children's garden, big gardens, and trafalga all since we got home from the hospital Thursday. I really need to learn to slow down and enjoy being home. Healing has gone very well from my C-section, I've only needed a couple of percocets since being home and hardly even need my Ibuprofen at this point. I am SO blessed, the Lord sure has taken care of my little family. Gotta run, here's some pics:

Hospital pics, LOVE them!
Little feet
My gorgeous baby! Of course I am biased
Last day in the hospital

Going home
First time in her swing
Bundle of love

My cutie boysLOVE their sister!
Almost a week old
My 3 kids! I love this shot
First time in stroller
C&D in the gardens
Big D

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Kerri said...

She is beautiful.
I totally understand how hard it is to slow down and stay at home. I feel like my days go so much better if I can be out doing things. It was hard for me to adjust to not working and I actually looked forward to the end of my maternity leave so I could get some adult interactions at work. Sad, I know ;).