Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy Happy Birthday Children Dear

I have a few minutes and a computer, so here's a quick update. Generally we are all doing well. It's been a busy couple of weeks adjusting to life with 3 kiddos but we are okay. Claire continues to sleep and eat well and show just how enjoyable a singleton can be. She is getting less tolerant of being in her car seat which can be difficult but likes her stroller, so that's good. As long as she has her milk, she is pretty pleasant. She really likes to eat, so she is my little sidekick--as she is still exclusively breastfeeding. She is most alert in the late evening, we are still working on getting a schedule, I think she's still too young to get anything firm, but just a start. She even went to church for the first time today and slept the whole time. Anywho, here's pics for the last couple of weeks, in reverse order--sorry not going to fix it.

Lowell, Claire and I at Tibble Fork this afternoon, photo by Carter. It was a lovely evening and was gorgeous of course.
The boys were there too, how they love to throw rocks in the water
My oh my, yes they are 5!
Birthday cake for their party (and star cookies)--Lowell helped a lot.
It was a Mario/Luigi party
A, A, B, and Davis at Kangaroo Zoo for the party
C&D with their first cake, on the actual day
With their big b-day presents, Mobigo's--they have hardly been apart since.
Golfing at Boondock's--the bubs got a free unlimited pass for their birthday
Laser Tag, they (and Daddy!) love it

Davis holding Claire, he looks huge!
2 weeks old
Big smile for Daddy. Yes she loves him!
Sleeping through Lagoon
0 years old
Claire vs the bunny, almost even at this point

K, more to say but out of time. Loves to all.


Jana said...

Congratulations! I keep getting on your blog, with the intentions of commenting, but then I get called away and forget to come back to it. Your baby is beautiful! I hope all is going well and you are adjusting to three. I'm sure it seems much easier with just one this time around. We are excited to meet her!

Colour Freak said...

they look so adorable :)
im jealous :P
in a good way ofc :)