Saturday, September 18, 2010

Quick Recap of the Week

So somehow even though we have been busy and have had plenty of photo worthy moments, I have no pics to share. I was tempted to just skip posting until I do, but I don't want to forget after newborn sleepies take effect. Because we are meeting our baby girl in less than 2 days! Monday at noon is my scheduled repeat C-section.

Anywho, preschool has been going well. I was concerned that the increase number of days/week (from 2-4) would be hard as they go to school so much more now (at least to me) but they haven't had an issue with it. They love their "girlfriends" and are really just extremely social and charming little men. Neither Lowell nor I would consider ourselves particularly social, so we're not sure where they get it from, but glad it works for them. They have been working a lot of handwriting which I am thrilled with as it is the skill that needs the most help. Really fine motor is the only area they struggle in. The teachers are so caring and this year they are divided into an older class as well. It is just working out so well. And it is reasonably priced especially considering the time they go and the teacher/student ratio but I still considering it a hit to the budget. 2 kids at once is just going to be pricey, no way around it.

I have tried to use my time wisely while they are away. I have been organizing closets, grocery shopping, and folding laundry. I didn't get near as much done in the 2 weeks before the baby as I would have liked, but did my best. I also enjoyed a day walking the gardens with my mom and getting a pedicure (I want my feet to look pretty when I am able to see them again! :)).
We have enjoyed the evenings when I am off as well. With school I just don't get much time to do additional activities with the boys the days I work. I am working on it as it is sad to me to just run them here and there and then hurry off to work. This week we did get a chance to go to Trafalga with A&A after preschool but before work and that worked out really well. They were in little boy heaven with their best friends--roller coaster rides, bumper boats (by themselves!), rock wall climbing, and laser tag. What a party! They called laser tag "I spy" and really really enjoyed it. It helped that we were the only ones playing so the 4 boys and the moms were the only ones in there, they just ran and giggled and laughed. The service was so much better this time than last. I'm not sure what changed but we didn't have to wait long at all for anything and could ride whatever we wanted and the rock climbing helper was especially patient and kind to the kids. 2 thumbs up!

We also went to Trafalga in Orem as a family one night last week and had a good time. The gold course is pretty run down (in my opinion) but the kids don't play for real anyway. They just like to roll the ball in the holes that lead somewhere and then see where they end up. We did all the XD movies (a 4D theater where the seat moves and is in 3D, etc)--they're just 10 minutes or so each. And they were pretty fun, I was laughing and smiling and the boys were digging it. I think little sister wasn't so sure but the guy said it was okay for pregnant women. That pass has turned out to be a good purchase already.

I also got some girl time this week. Saturday I went to a Super Saturday craft day for the twin club and made some fun stuff. Plus got to chat and eat, always a bonus. And then this week we had mom's night out with a gal who taught about couponing. I actually missed the class part as I stayed to get the boys down and give Lowell a break, but caught the eating and visiting part--so it all worked out. I sure love those gals!

Speaking of my dear friends, Reva kept the boys last night so Lowell and I could go to dinner, wasn't that the sweetest thing?! It was her boys' birthday party, but I had intended on staying. Hopefully we can still be friends after that! (She said they were fine, but they sure had attitudes on the way home so I think she was just being nice--sorry Reva!).

I owe a thanks to my mom too who helped me take the boys for a few hours so Lowell could have a break (the boys have been so cranky lately [sleep/bedroom change perhaps?]). We went to JoAnn's to get stuff for Claire's blessing gown (I'm working on the beading at work today), out to lunch with a play place, and then for a good long walk around the gardens. They were even nice boys for the most part. They saw a snake (1 live, 1 dead), fish, a crane, and 3 frogs. It was during an art festival where you could observe the artists at work and they seemed quite intrigued by that. I sure love the gardens.

Oh and we made another trip to Silver Lake to just walk and be at peace. It wasn't quite as nice as the first time (I was contracting away and the boys were tired and hungry) but it was still nice. Lowell knows how to appease his wife, I sure love him too!

Did I mention earlier that we moved the boys? Their rooms aren't entirely finished but they are sleeping down there. Today we should be getting the crib for Claire's room. Lots of things in flux at our house but what is done is looking nice and working well. I'll post pics when we get everything settled.

A lot accomplished in a couple of weeks and a lot of enjoyable things for me especially. And all along I didn't think I would even have this time! I feel pretty foolish for all my talk about going early but I do have 3 excuses. 1-I've never been in true labor (water broke with the boys then immediate C-section) so I am still a novice at that and wasn't sure what to expect. 2-I am nearly 5 weeks more pregnant now than I was when I delivered the boys. I just felt like I should be done. 3-With all the contractions I have had, I think a lot of people would have thought their baby would be here soon. I had a lot with the boys too but was done sooner plus Braxton-Hicks actually increase with your 2nd pregnancy. I really do think I have been in prodromal labor--basically an extended early labor that doesn't really progress to anything. It is very tiring and lame. I can have 10+ contractions an hour, many of them painful. I should probably add a 4-that I have too much free time on my hands at work to look up labor symptoms or read birth stories. Sigh. Sorry for the non-excitement.

But this time for real, this little one will be here and soon. I am trying to keep my nerves at bay but they are certainly there. I think every woman upon finding out they are pregnant has to come to grips with the fact that this growing entity will have to come out some how. I think a C-section is actually the easy way out but it is not without fear nonetheless. I don't love getting IVs, getting a spinal, or being strapped to a table. I have major anxiety involving not being able to move my legs too, I don't know why it bothers me so much but it just makes me crawl. So I am not looking forward to that feeling or the painful procedures leading up to the birth. And I can't say I am anxious to recover from major abdominal surgery either (although I have to admit staying in the hospital will be a mini-spa moment for me, a chance to rest and not be hurting/nauseous/have to pee all the time). And of course all of that will be worth it when I hear my daughter cry for the first time. For her to become a real little person and see what she looks like and to watch the boys meet her for the first time, etc. Nervous and excited. Well, lots more pics to come in the next post! ;)

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