Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Welcome Baby Claire!

She's here! It felt like my pregnancy was going to last forever and then all of a sudden it was over and didn't seem so long after all, lol. Yet here I sit typing with one hand as my little miss is eating away. What a differene 5 weeks in the womb makes! She wants to eat and has a strong suck--she even (with the help of wonderful nurses) let me sleep for a 4 hour block!

Anywho, let me rewind to record my birth story. We dropped the boys off with Sina (SIL--thank you!) and headed in around 10:30. We stopped off to say hello to my lab friends and then I was admitted to a room (103). I got changed into a gown and they monitored the baby for a bit (Does she ever stop moving ? was Debbie's question--she was an active fetus for sure!). Lots of admit questions then my IV, which 4 pokes and 2 valves later was the worst part of the whole process--and it wasn't THAT bad, but yes it hurt and yes I deserve it for all the people I have poked over the years. I don't have great veins to begin with and not eating or drinking for 8 hours didn't help (I did get up and have Chili's to go at 3 am. :)) My mom and Lowell's mom joined us and then I walked down to the OR (I had a good contraction on the way, but nothing new, still have never actually been "in labor" or even checked for that matter.) It is really strange having a scheduled C-section I have to say, so calm, quick, orderly. I climbed up on the little table and got my spinal--the nurse anesthetist was amazing (my nurses too)--a great injection in 1try and very personable and patient as well. He was on it when my blood pressure dropped and I was hardly even anxious about being "paralyzed" which bothered me the last time. And just like that they were ready to go, but hadn't called Lowell or the grandmas yet, eek! I was relieved to see Lowell and he made it just in time. We entered the room at 11:59, first cut was 12:17, Claire was born at 12:21 and I was back to my room, with the baby already waiting for me at 12:45. You have to admit that's a crazy way to have a baby! I couldn't see much but I could hear them suctioning her so I knew she was out and started crying. They brought her to the table to check her out and I could just see her arms flailing and could hear her wailing of course. I didn't catch the drama from where I was, but I guess this is when something unusual happened, something the respiratory therapist hadn't seen/heard in 18,000 births--Claire had a 5 second long fart. Seems humorous but it wasn't normal for a newborn straight out of the womb to have so much air in her tummy. But 2 x-rays and a neonatologist consult later, it was decided she was fine, just unusual--what a thing to be famous for!

This has been typed in several sittings--as restful and wonderful as it has been in the hospital, I still have an active hungry newborn to distract me. I could just hold her all day truthfully and that is what I have been doing for the most part. They say you can't spoil a newborn, I hope not! So after the baby got the all clear from the xrays I tried feeding her which was a struggle at first. She was upset and wanted to eat, but would latch and not suck. It took some glucose water and a few feedings, but she is getting to be a pro now. The first day we had to wake her to eat a few times and the second day she just wanted to be eating/sucking all the time. Today my milk is starting to come in and she seems a bit more content already but still likes to be eating. She has been very alert and active especially with her arms. More so than the average newborn according to the nurses. We of course think she is gorgeous and just amazing!

We've been blessed with lots of visitors as well. First of all her big brothers of course who just love her. They are so giant and active though! After a day alone and quiet in my room it has been a little overwhelming when they have come to visit. It will be an adjustment, it just takes time for us all to settle in to each other. I think it will be easier at home too since there are so many distractions (and breakable things) in my hospital room. We have had lots of co-workers come by as well as family and friends. I have really felt so much love.

I'm here for the rest of today and will be heading home to reality tonight. I am sure there are those who can't wait to get out of the hospital, but it is a down-right spa for me. Resting, meals brought to me, plenty of babysitters, it has been lovely. It will be good to move on to the next thing too. And I get to take my baby home with me this time--it's so amazing to have a full term baby. No tubes or alarms, she has a great suck and desire to eat, she's so alert and portable--definitely worth those last weeks of discomfort. And she wasn't too big either, 7lbs even and 21 inches long. Dark hair and eyes (so far) and long fingers. She has lost a little initially but is rebounding already.

K, here's some pics (in reverse order)

K, now I deleted one, I'll post more later, the boys meeting Claire
Me meeting Claire
Moments old
Ready to burst!

I'll update more later.. .


The Halls said...

I am so happy for you guys! Glad everything went well. We will have to come up and visit soon. Do you know any details on your boys party yet? Just trying to plan out our month.

meyerstwins.blogspot.com said...

Congrats!!! That is so exciting! You will love having one sweet healthy baby to take care of. Makes such a huge difference. Love the name and cant wait to see more pics. Good luck with recovering from the c section.

Sal-my-gal said...

I love the hospital too ;)

I'm glad everything went well. She is beautiful! Her little record will give daddy and the brothers something to be proud of for years:)