Sunday, July 25, 2010

Rodeo and Foam Day

This week I took off schedule for various reasons. A big one was Lowell took the week off work so we had him for more of the day, yea! He really wanted to get some big projects done around the house, and I really tried not to inhibit him but it was too fun having him home.
Tuesday we skipped the movie, Monsters vs Aliens because the boys have seen it multiple times and don't really love it. I asked if they'd rather go to Farm Country and that was the vote. It was a fun day, the boys did well.
Wednesday we didn't have any play dates planned, so we drove up to West Valley to pick up some rodeo tickets and exchange them. I got them from a guy on ksl who was selling the $11.50 tix for $5--they were vouchers so we then swapped them for tickets and chose our night/seats. It really worked out well, we needed to buy one additional ticket, but the lady just gave it to Lowell free. So the 5 of us got tickets for $20! Can't beat that. On the way back we decided to go see the Bingham Canyon Copper Mine as they were having a free week. We probably should have just gone on a less busy week and paid the $5 but it was okay. Really busy and altogether not that much to see, but still cool. One of those Utah landmarks that it is cool just to say you saw. And I got some really fun pics, but they are on my cell phone and may never come out. I'll keep trying. :) We also picked up some miner hats for the boys (with working light and everything) and I am sure they thought that was the best part of the trip. They wear them all the time and love to explore dark places with them or "mine underground" in the sand box. Simple dress up games are big hits with these kiddos. I am loving how much these boys will play in the backyard these days. They have always liked it fairly well, but some days lately they will be out there from wake-up until bedtime barely stopping to eat. They have been playing so well together (knock on wood) and coming up with such fun adventures. They are also getting very tan, not sure how they can stand the heat so much--must be why they intermittently jump in the pool.
Wednesday night we went to the UVMOM summer family party at the Provo pool, the first public pool we have gone to this year since they enjoy the backyard one so much. They loved it--I wish we had gotten there sooner, just over an hour wasn't really enough time for them this year. I enjoyed visiting as usual and Lowell was awesome with the kids. All the boys' fav friends were there (6 little 4 year old boys) and just had a blast together. We're so lucky to have such good friends. I am excited for swimming lessons to start in a couple of weeks since they love the water so much.
Thursday we missed play group as I had a dr. appt. This time I took Carter with me for some one on one time. All is well with baby, easy pregnancy (for the doc anyway--just usual third trimester complaints, not pleasant but nothing unusual or that need to be addressed). I then took Carter out to breakfast (hence why we missed play group, but I enjoyed the chance to spend some time with just him) and then we stopped at a few stores trying to find cheap cowboy hats. Ream's in Lehi was the winner, I just couldn't spend so much more on hats than I did on tickets--but found some simple ones for $3.
Friday my lab was closed in honor of Pioneer Day (yea for state holidays!) so I worked a weird schedule that day, we mostly played in the yard all morning and then headed off to the Days of 47 rodeo in the evening. It was the kids' first rodeo and I wasn't sure how they would respond to it, but they loved it and did really well. My cheap seats ended up being awesome, we were the front row just above the livestock shoots. The boys were enthralled by the animals and cheered for each of the cowboys. One was hurt and taken off on a stretcher which concerned the boys greatly. We keep telling them he is going to be okay. They liked the clowns as well and the show moved quite quickly. 2+ hours is a long time for them in a seat but they did it well and were sad when we left. I learned the hard way though that indoor rodeos wreak major havoc on my allergies. I was pretty miserable for most of the show, but it was still fun to watch the boys. Davis
Carter (it's dark, but the bulls are down there behind him).

Saturday was the actual holiday here, 24th of July so I worked a weird short schedule again. I got off early so we could go to Lehi's Foam Day again. Last year was much much less busy and crazy. It was so hard to keep track of my foam covered boys! Thankfully I had Lowell and Reva watching for them and A&A were running around with the kids as well. It was really hot though and not an altogether successful day. We'll debate going next year--I'll probably forget how crazy it was by then and we'll go :P.

Davis in the foam, A in the background
That's Carter in there
That's him too--he kept diving in head first and then needed me to wipe out his eyes with my shirt
Getting cleaned off with a fire hose. In case you are wondering, Foam Day is a service our local fire department does for the kids, they spray tons of flame retardant foam (just foamy soap really) out and the kids play in it. Then they wash them off and give out free watermelon. A silly fun, and free event, yeah!

That evening we had Lowell's family over for a BBQ and to visit. Earlier I hit a great Old Navy sale (thanks Jillian) and they had their flag shirts for $1 (I had a coupon for 20% off too, can't beat 80 cents for a shirt) so here's our fam in matching shirts:
Don't mind my 31 weeks pregnant pudge
Silly boys
I sure love them to bits!

Another summer week in the books. We are ticking away, almost August already. We got the invite for the preschool's back to school night yesterday, I can't believe we are coming upon that already. They'll be back only a couple of weeks before the baby comes, and there's still a lot to do. We have been working a lot on the redecorating plans for the kids' rooms and I am excited at the progress. I have the themes picked out now, bedding (the boys had theirs already, but now I've picked Claire's), paint colors and the vinyl sayings I want for each room. Now to just budget out all those purchases, do the painting, then move everything. Well, one thing at a time, for now I am happy to have it planned. I'll keep you updated with pics of course. :)

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Scott and Jillian said...

Yay! I'm glad you made it to the sale! I saw the flag shirts at our ON, but all they had left were the tank tops. Pooh! Looks like you guys are having a great summer!