Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy 3rd, 4th, and 5th of July!

We had such a fun Independence Day! Falling on a Sunday made for a 3 day holiday and we partied up each part of it! Let me rewind to earlier in the week first though. Monday was Lagoon as usual, except we also did Lagoona Beach this time. I know you are sad about not seeing me in a maternity bathing suit-NOT! Not to worry, that photo is not coming. Although I truly found a suit that I love. I have a difficult time finding enough, errr, support up top not to mention coverage and being pregnant has not helped the situation. I can actually still fit in my normal suit--stretched a little, but the top was just too inappropriate for my liking. I found a 2 piece suit at Target with almost a sports bra attached in the top, and it covers up high. It's tricky to get into but fab once on. The bottom is a little skirt and the top is sinched at the bottom so it doesn't float up and expose my big ol' belly. Would it be too strange to wear it after I am pregnant? I've never found one like it in the normal sizes. Anywho, we had a rough start but once there I adored the cool water and the weight off my hips. I didn't realize how nice it was until I got out. I was ready to say just leave me here and you guys ride the rides! The boys had a lot of fun too, they loved the slides and are just such water babies, they are happy anywhere if they're in the water. We caught a couple of rides (the "big kids" Hill and Lowell went to ride the funner rides) and headed home. Tuesday was the movie, Tooth Fairy this time--I didn't care for it. Then I took big Davis to see the pediatrician. He's had a little spot on his forehead that hasn't been healing (hydrocortisone cream recommended) and more importantly to discuss our on-going bathroom issues. The #2 accidents had been getting worse and worse and after reading about encopresis (google it) on a friend's blog, I decided to ask the doc about it. I am SO glad I did! Basically all the potty accidents were not all my kids being stubborn and naughty or not ready. They had gotten constipated at some point and then scared to go because it hurt, and then the colon got floppy and they could no longer feel the need to go. The stool would then just bypass the blockage and leak into their undies. So they are now on a regimen of laxative that is clearing them out and making it easier to go. What a difference! They've had very few accidents and have been taking themselves to the bathroom without me even telling them. Also, they are looking thinner and eating better. We've had regular doctor visits and their weight has been okay, so I haven't worried that they aren't great eaters, now I am wondering if the weight was just stool? I hope I haven't stunted their growth by not taking care of this sooner. Lack of appetite is one of the symptoms. I just thought they were being picky. I guess we'll see if they pick up some height soon. It could take several months to get everything "regular" but we are thrilled with the progress so far. Such a stress reliever! Wednesday we had a home body day. I've been having some complaints (from my uterus mostly) that I need to slow down so I thought we'd take a day where I chilled more than average. We still found some things to do: Carter's hanger mobile (this was what he was doing when I got him up for the day) We made compass necklaces and then searched for treasure in the backyard (we found some old toys and a number of bugs) We played Wii and then found some super masks We made some bug catchers (and reclaimed one from their b-day 2 years ago) for all of our bug treasures. Wednesday night Lowell and I went to see Eclipse, yea for Hillary sitting with the munchkins. I liked it for sure, still deciding if I loved it. I think I need to see it a few more times. I liked the romance better in the book than the movie, the book was just better all around than the movie. It just went so fast it skimmed so much of what was important, I felt like I had to explain everything to Lowell as we went. He was hoping for more action. He's still my honey for coming on opening night to a very estrogen filled theater. Thanks baby, love you! Thursday we had the twin club over to our house for play date. It was a full house, but so fun. I caught a few pics, but I didn't ask to post them here, so you'll just have to imagine. We swam, ran through sprinklers, jumped, played on the swingset, then had snow cones and crashed. I think everyone had fun, I know my kids sure did. Thursday night the boys had their first T-ball game, Lowell caught these shots:

Davis Carter

He said they seem to really enjoy T-ball (work has kept me from them so far, soon I hope). I love that it is a confidence builder, there are no outs and everyone gets to bat and score. The boys had lots of opportunities to catch and throw the ball and little pressure. Perfect intro to the game in my opinion.

Friday we went to the gym and the boys enjoyed their Fit Kids class there. They'll tell you they didn't have an exercise class, they just danced and played with balls. :) The teacher said they were so busy and funny doing the freeze dance--she was sure they'd need a nap. I get to work out and watch a movie and my kids are worn out when I get them--awesome!

So, Saturday was our first "4th of July". Thanks to my parents we went to the Traverse Mountain celebration and the kids got to enjoy some waterslides, bounce houses, and carnival type games.

With my cousin Whitney's L. They live right by the park where the party was. We also picked up a nice lunch. Then my fam came to our house for a BBQ and some time together plus a few fireworks. Then back to Traverse Mountain to catch the Lehi city show from Thanksgiving Point.
The boys watching it from my parent's backyard.
On to a few "fire-booms" out front at gma's and gpa's.
Sparklers too

The 4th was Sunday, so we did church and then got ready for a BBQ with Lowell's family.
Best brothers
Davis, yes I have these from every year, I should compare them sometime. It was about this time that we discovered that Oscar, our white schnauzer was missing. I had put him out when my visiting teachers came and he didn't come in with the other two after they left. That wasn't unusual though, he loves his backyard and will often stay out there a lot of the day. Getting ready to go to Lowell's folks is when we tried to find him out back and couldn't. Not anywhere in the house either. We drove around a little and didn't see him, but hoped he would find his way back while we were gone. It's not the first time he has gotten under the fence, despite Lowell's efforts to block his way (where the fence is a little higher than the ground). He had always come home on his own fairly quickly.
So more food and good times with fam, here's Carter with our fav 4th of July treat, Jello pops. It was a nice evening out and we all enjoyed sitting and eating.

Home again Oscar wasn't back. We circled the neighborhood until dark and then a little after that. Then fireworks started and I'm sure wherever he was, Oscar was spooked. He's not a fan of loud noises. We had a restless night (Maddy too, she's such a mama dog--she was so worried).

Morning came with no Oscar. I was on call at the hospital, but came back in between calls to look for him. I posted about it on facebook and ksl, Lowell called the vets and animal shelters, we put up signs and drove all over. Back in Orem after checking the shelther a friend of mine posted on facebook that she thought she had seen him. Lowell headed right back, didn't see him right away so stopped at home to let the boys go potty. He was heading out again to circle that area but when he opened the garage Oscar was standing there! Dirty and hot, he barked at Lowell a few times (schnauzers think they can talk and are quite expressive!) and then layed down under our bed for a rest. What a nutter! We were just so relieved to have him home and he seems to be happy to be home too. I hope he learned his lesson, he sure gave me a scare!

Home from work I picked up a slip and slide for the bubbas and we had a lovely evening sliding and being happy.

Davis up, Carter down

If you caught the video from last year, you'll know that they could not figure out how to slide to save them. Here's a glimpse of this year, it still took a few tries, but they got it. They loved it! Daddy brought home some snow cones and we just sat in the shade, eating and relaxing. Our puppies were snuggled in the long grass and everyone was content. Lowell said it was his little piece of heaven. I think anyone would want a piece of that!
We had steak on the grill and then set off our own firebooms. Nice to have time with each family and then a night just for us. :)
Carter with his stockpile of spent fireworks. He's lucky his daddy will drive all the way to Wyoming to get him the fun ones: pagoda, tank, turtle, parachute man, and eyeballs. They adore fireworks, and I think Lowell does too ;). I like them too, but mostly just sat back enjoying my boys.

Today we went to our summer movie club again and saw Planet 51. We'd seen it before but that went pretty well. It was the first time I didn't get popcorn (it makes me sick every time and it is so expensive) and it was a little harder but we made it through fine. Maybe every other time.

Anywho, there you have it, caught up again. Loves!


Anonymous said...

Wow! It looks like you are all having a wonderful summer! I'm glad that you found out about the potty problems the boys were having, that has to be quite the ordeal. Love all the pictures (as always)!

Christina said...

I have never in my life had a problem with needing more support in a swimsuit. Never. Dang.