Sunday, June 27, 2010

Another full week

So full, I somehow didn't take many pictures. Oh well. I am just going to journal away to try and remember all our fun this crazy summer.
Saturday was the day that did not go so well. I got up ready to hit a garage sale and then be on our way to the family reunion when Lowell got a call from his school. Someone had rented the building but no one had told Lowell. With even 1 more day's knowlege he could have found someone to cover it, but as it was, he was stuck. This dance group had paid for the rental, made the reservation in February, and even called to confirm with the office staff that week. But yet no mention whatsoever to the person who needed to be there. Turns out it was just an honest mistake, but let's just say I was pretty fuming mad. I hate when my plans change, let alone get completely cancelled at the last minute. Argh! So instead we just sat around all day. :p Lowell had some time off in between rehearsal and the show so I did get a nap and the boys got some time outside in the pool. It turns out it was too much time as I had forgot to put their swimshirts on and Lowell forgot to apply sunblock so the poor little buddies got quite the sunburn on their backs and shoulders. They really aren't too fair, so they generally tan nicely but that day was just too much time outside. That night my parents saved me after a horrible trip to the store (where they had nothing I needed and the boys weren't being nice) and helped me at another store and then made dinner for us.
Sunday was Father's Day and we filled it up pretty well. I made Lowell breakfast in bed and left it for him for when he woke up and then headed over to bring breakfast to my dad as well as visit with my grandparents who were in town. We had a nice little visit and then headed back home to get ready for church. After church we cruised down to see Lowell's dad and visit with my BIL and nephew before they left the next day. Back home again we got dinner on for my family who all joined us for a BBQ. Lowell got to use his new grill, so that was fun. My brothers played football with the boys in the yard with my nephew Johnny looking on and then we had 2 desserts, yea!
Monday Hillary and I took the boys to Lagoon. It was only an okay day. The boys are always happy to be there, but Carter was somewhat complacent, withdrawn. He didn't want to ride several of the rides. I was hoping he wasn't getting sick, which he hasn't, so it must have just been that he was tired. Despite ibuprofen before bed, both boys woke up at different times in pain from their sunburn. I know, terrible mom.
Tuesday the summer movie was Paul Blart Mall Cop (!?!), so we skipped that and joined Reva and her boys for library time at the PG library. What fun! They made this great bubble craft and the kids really enjoyed it and seeing their friends.
Wednesday we went to the gym then came home for a nap. Later we went to the boys' 6 month dental check-up and they both did so good. The ladies there just rave about what good kids they are. It's almost weird for me, but hey, sounds good! They know how to charm the ladies that's for sure. And they do sit nicely to have their teeth cleaned with no complaints, so they really are good patients. No cavities and their teeth really look great except for Carter's poor dead tooth of course. They X-rayed it and it is in good shape, no abscesses or anything, just going to be off colored. We talked about options, but really there's just live with it until it comes out in 1-2 years or pull it and put in a fake which seems like a lot of effort/pain for a cosmetic issue. So for now I will just be sad each time I look at it. Lowell had a class in the evening so I took the boys over to grandma's where we had some dinner and then cruised the gardens with Hillary scoring us a golf cart. I haven't been in too long, it was a nice evening, even though the boys were getting cranky for being up too late. I always do that, I overplan the time and get home late--then they get down late but still up early, etc. Lowell is so much better at keeping us on schedule.
Thursday-We had to miss our twin club park day because I had a doctor's appointment. Bummer. The appt went fine though and I even brought Davis along even though Lowell stayed home from work to watch the boys. He just wanted to come and he did a really good job. Nice to spend a little one on one time with him. We also went grocery shopping which was desperately needed. I hate shopping with both kids and I don't get everything we need when I do, so I have just gotten behind. Home again Lowell and I took the boys to see Toy Story 3. We all enjoyed it, I found it a little scary and intense for small children but the boys did pretty well with it. They'll still tell me they don't like the scary monkey but they also say they enjoyed it. It was emotional and well done.
Friday-hey I finally have some pics. Friday we remembered our little friend Sadie who passed away a year ago from a brain tumor by making cupcakes. We talked about Sadie and had fun as a little family making devil's food cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.
They are similar to ones I made for her bake sale 2 years ago or so. I then delivered some to my visiting teaching gals and told them about Sadie too. One other "fun" note from that morning. While I was making the frosting, the boys got bored with the process and went off to play. I checked on them and found them giggling under my bed. We don't really like them in our room, but they weren't hurting anything, so I went back to make lunch. A little while later I went to use the bathroom (luckily I do this very frequently) and when I lifted up the lid, I saw our large goldfish staring back at me. I screamed and ran away, it really startled/scared me. I yelled at the boys and then went back to see if she was still alive and amazingly she was. I hurried and as carefully as possible scooped her out and back into her tank (she already had multiple injuries to her fins from less careful treatment the first time) and she started swimming right away. She is big, big enough that in my toilet she was just laying on her side with one eye out of the water. Poor thing, she's still kicking though, she is our wonder fish. The boys got an extended time out and then got to face Daddy's wrath as they definitely know better. She is in our bedroom in the first place to protect her from them, I am thinking we may need to move her to the kitchen so we can watch her better.
Friday night we had the Lehi Round Up Miniature parade, one of only a few in the country. Our ward had a float and the boys got to sit on it.

Lowell and I walked along--it was a toasty 90 some-odd degrees out and we walked several miles there and back. I did well there, the way back started to be a struggle. Just too hot and not enough water=contractions.
This one is for my friend Kristen--there was glitter on the float and then glitter on everything! I still can find some on me just from holding D's hand. Oh well, the kids really loved being in the parade and after a snow cone, I was pretty happy about it too.

Yesterday we made a quick trip over to the Dinosaur museum and also did a little shopping. And that brings us to today. Today the boys gave their first talk in primary. I'm at work and tried to make a run for it, but got called back :(. Lowell said they did a good job though. Tomorrow we are dragging Daddy along with us to Lagoon and checking out Lagoona Beach for the first time (a water park within the amusement park). Should be fun! Plus the 4th of July is already around the corner, yea!

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Hi Heidi!
That's cool you are expecting a girl! How fun to have both boys and a girl!
The lake on our blog is actually called Silver Lake, I made a mistake. I get them mixed up. It's up Big Cottonwood Canyon by Brighton Ski Resort. Super easy hike. Here's a link for more info on it: