Saturday, June 12, 2010

Our week in pictures . . .

So, here's a plethora of pics from our first full week of summer fun! Who said I couldn't keep up with it all? Okay, whoever did was probably right, it did wear me out and I really have to be more aware of my water consumption and contractions issues, but we did have a good time! My summer of fun wouldn't be much fun at all spent entirely in the NICU, so probably best to listen to my body and baby a little bit more.
Saturday: Maxwell at the Dog Days Festival at Thanksgiving Point. He's the most obedient and best with other dogs, so we let him come. He loved it!
Davis jumping a dog obstacle. The rest of us found it pretty dull.


Carter catching bugs still in his jammies. Davis has been especially obsessed with bugs this week, that's been a big portion of every good weather day for him,


Lagoon with Aunt Hillary. First time trying the Log ride, they're not so sure despite Hillary's encouragement.
Rattlesnake Rapids (or Snake Rabbits to Carter) was a bigger hit. They're still talking about it.
"Mom, we got wet!"
Carter on the little cars
Davis all worn out (still holding his empty ice cream cone :)).

Tuesday: No pics for Tuesday, went to See Hotel for Dogs at the Summer Movie Club.


T, Carter, Davis, and L. We enjoyed time at the children's garden with my cousin and her kids. Little Miss L was present as well. Such cuties! And my kids were surprisingly good, I was very pleased.
That afternoon we had a picnic up AF canyon at Cascade Springs. Here's Davis looking for fish.
Carter too, I just like this shot for some reason.
Silly boys on the bridge
Yes, I was there
D & C

Brand new butterflies! I'll have to get some better pics of these guys, all 5 opened up beautifully. The boys were thrilled with each one. Now, they have lost their fun. We'll be releasing them tomorrow.
Carter hiking to Grotto Falls. We were the only ones on the trail all the way there and it was gorgeous and peaceful. We found all sorts of bugs and Carter saw a snake.

Good times, I love that hike!

Friday: We just went to the gym, not really photo worthy. Lowell and I did get to go out to dinner (thanks Owen for sitting with the kids) and shop for our trip. We leave tomorrow to camp in Goblin Valley. Yea!

And I have no new photos of her, but here's some tid-bits on baby Claire at 6 months gestation. Little sister seems to be quite the opinionated little thing! :) She knows what she likes and dislikes and "voices" her opinion. For instance, she likes her space. If the boys are laying on my stomach (or even leaning on me) while cuddling or rocking them before bed, she'll kick them repeatedly. If I lean on my stomach when going to sleep, she'll kick the bed over and over again until I roll totally on my side. Lowell is the one difference, any time he tries to feel her kick she settles right down. Even if he is talking, she'll settle. I think she is already a daddy's girl. She also has music preferences--she likes to be sung to, which just happens to be easy listening as those are the songs from the radio that I know the words to. Lowell tried putting some of his louder rock music up to my tummy and she turned around and started kicking me in the back--like she was trying to get away! :) She also has her food preferences, which is generally all things fruit. I can't eat enough fruit these days. I broke down and got nectarines the other day (still pretty expensive right now) and I was in heaven! Yum! Anywho, she just makes me laugh--for being 12 inches and just over a pound, she sure seems to know what she wants. We'll see how that relates to life in the outside world. 100 days until we meet her!

There's our week, thanks for joining us!

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Christina said...

I am so excited for you! Wow, it's amazing what personalities they have from the get-go. People always said that but for some reason I thought I would have more control. Nope.