Saturday, May 1, 2010

Battle Creek Falls

Another week come and gone--and it seems like I got very little accomplished. Bad weather put a gray cloud over the whole week, so much less we could do and seeing all the snow falling in late April did not put me in a very good mood either. It did snow in May last year as well, just seems neverending sometimes. Soon enough the white stuff will be behind us and I will be complaining of being huge and hot. Plus Monday I leave for Cali and 80 degree weather. So poo poo to our gray week.
Saturday last week became the day that didn't go as well as it could have. The boys second soccer game was okay, but not great. They lost 8-4 (they didn't notice and that is a guess on the score, no one keeps track). The hardest thing was just getting them on the field and keeping them there and playing. It was very frustrating to me to watch Carter just sit down in the middle of the field and refuse to play. He later told me he was scared of the other team, so I am trying to help them not be scared and know it is just a game--they just need to go out and run and kick and have fun. My overly-competitive nature gets the better of me though and I want to freak out at my kid picking his nose on the field while the ball rolls right past him (Davis). Chillax, the other moms helped me last week, noting how lots of kids struggle and just getting them started is important. And reminding me we put them in soccer for more than just learning soccer or winning games, it is about socialization, following directions, and taking direction from an adult other than their parent. And all those factors have shown improvement.
Next we went to Dutch Days and it just wasn't as cool as last year. Maybe we just went too early, but the Dutch store stand didn't have anything worth buying and the crowds were pretty thick already. I wanted to yell at all the people and let them know the gardens are gorgeous all summer and they should come back on one of the lovely evenings we enjoy there as almost the only people in the place, but I guess I'll just avoid the busy time and enjoy the rest of the summer to myself. They did have a craft station where the boys painted a wooden shoe and then put a flower in it for oma and grandma. So that was fun. I am just now remembering that last Saturday the soccer game started early and I had done back to back call nights before that. My tiredness may explain why the day didn't seem too bright to me . . . Carter and his shoe. The family party went pretty well and the kids adored playing with all their second cousins (and their only cousin on my side as well). It was nice to see everyone but got crowded again and the kids were getting out of control so we cut out early. Did I mention I have claustrophobia this pregnancy? It's weird but almost like my body is being crowded out from the inside, so I need more space on the outside. Wish me luck on the airplane and at Disney!
So the last thing planned for last Saturday was Lagoon, but again--that didn't go as well as planned, it didn't happen at all. I went home and slept for 4 hours instead. It would have been nice to enjoy a less busy day at Lagoon, but I will concede that I needed the rest. My body is pretty demanding these days, but my mood reflects my willingness to listen to it.
Sunday was home teaching and visiting teaching and a visit to my family (and fairly pleasant).

Then Monday, thanks to Hillary we enjoyed the only good weather day by hiking to Battle Creek Falls. We did this hike twice last year and it was as enjoyable as I remember. Short, easy hike (a few somewhat strenuous parts) to a lovely waterfall. And close to drive to, hooray! Here are the pics:

So grown up!

The rest of the week was preschool, running errands, and goofing off at home. They are into Indiana Jones right now and will have extensive imaginary adventures in his world. Here's Davis dressed as Indiana (which apparently involves Dad's shirt, church shoes, and a butterfly net?)
Davis also decided last week that he was no longer Davis, he wouldn't respond to it at all. We all had to call him Carl's Jr. And he had a new mommy, Carl's Jr's mommy who coincidentally was still me, but she was nicer and let him do more things. The things these kids come up with. Some is less tasteful if not still humorous, like Carter's decision last night to make farting noises on his brother (usually done on his face or arms and never permitted by me, I hate the sound) by blowing on his bare bum cheeks in the tub. Holy sick Batman--that is so gross (but yes, Lowell and I still laughed). Carter also figured out the child proof lid to my new vitamins and luckily I caught him after only eating 2 (his correct dose). I had to laugh as when I tried them I said I needed the safety lid because they were so yummy. They also figured out how to put the keys in the ignition in the van and turn it far enough to turn on the music and work the windows. Can you tell mommy had a major headache and wasn't paying close enough attention?
Baby #3 had another dr. appt this week and everything is going well, except that they cancelled my anatomy scan and didn't mention it to me. In fact they didn't even have a record of it even though I had the appt card. Lowell was disappointed as he got time off of work to come. I was rather pouty but my awesome nurse buddies did us a favor and let us peak at little miss to tide us over until our new appt next week. She was a wild woman, all over the place! I loved it, she looked to be grabbing her toes, then sucking her thumb, then just rolling all over. All the "goldfish" movements in my tummy are making sense now that I have seen her swimming around. No confirmation on the gender, she was too busy and had her feet over her head most of the time.
And I just realized I am finally starting to enjoy this pregnancy. I still have plenty of complaints, but medication is helping most of them. It's such a pile every day: Synthroid (for thyroid--that one is life long), Zofran (still vomited today, almost 19 weeks), Colace and Acetaminophen (to counter-act the effects of Zofran), Prilosec (just added this with dr's approval--so happy, acid is already coming under control), plus Tums for calcium and my yummy gummy vitamins (still can't stomach the pills). With all these working I feel mostly comfortable most of the day and can finally enjoy little miss swimming around. Yippee! And I'm not big enough yet to be really uncomfortable (except for the massive mammaries) so it's just a good time.
Last night we also got to enjoy a couple's dinner with our ward with babysitting! I ate quickly sure the kids would be returned to us promptly, but we were able to eat, relax, and visit and picked up the boys red cheeked (busy playing!) and happy. I am SO grateful to the young women in our ward--king size candy bars coming their way. What a lovely evening. And I finally got some acetaminophen and could vanquish the evil lingering headache.
Now I am off to another soccer game, then I need to shop for our trip. I need a new memory card and supplies for gma and the boys while we are away. I am SO excited--lots of pics to come! :)

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