Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Oh Spring, where art thou?

I am starting to think warm weather is a lost cause. We have gotten a few glimpses of sun but it reverts right back to rain and cold. Booo! Really as a soon to be over-heated pregnant woman I should be grateful, but I am missing my spring. Yes, rain is a spring thing, but I was looking forward to a nice, comfortable temperatured couple of weeks at least. I just know we'll go straight from rain and cold to blazing hot. I hate when we skips seasons.
Anywho, Mother's Day went well. Saturday I got to keep my tradition of having lunch at the Trellis Cafe with my mom. That is the cafe overlooking the gardens and we always sit outside near the edge where a tree is always in bloom with delicious smelling blooms. We casually eat and visit basking in the beauty of the place. Ahhh. Then we shopped at the Beehive Bazaar they had going that weekend and I bought the first couple of things for baby sister. We also picked up my mom's picnic table and a Great Harvest gift basket for her and my mother-in-law. Sunday Lowell brought me breakfast in bed and sent me to church while he got the boys ready. We had a nice church service and then took a drive up the canyon (he knows me so well :)). A delicious dinner and dessert followed and just a restful day. I mentioned on my facebook post that every day is Mother's Day at our house which is true. Sleeping in is not an unusual thing for me nor is getting an extra nap. And not just when I'm pregnant either. Having the house cleaned and lunch prepared is nothing new either, my amazing hubby does that all the time. I am so blessed--he gets better every year--and somehow he still wants me around. It was nice to reflect on being a mother during sacrament meeting. There is something different about mother's day when you are pregnant. Like the act of being a mother is so forefront since I am using so much of my metabolic processes to grow a little one. I am certainly not a stellar mother, but this year I could feel actively involved in the process of mothering--the opportunity I have to join the Father in bringing spirits to this earth.
So, for another rainy week, we spent a fair amount of time inside. The boys begged me to build the K'nex set my parents had gotten them for Christmas. Yes it is May and I have managed to put it off until now. That's because it is 1500+ pieces made for ages 9+. I realized in the 3 finger sore days that followed that the joy in these sets is in the assembling, but the boys couldn't help and I was not joying in it. I also was frustrated by the fact that there were no spare pieces (c'mon!). But Davis sure looks proud of "his" finished products doesn't he? And it had a motor, oooh ahh!

What else did we do during the week? Without pics I am amazed at how little I remember. Lame. They had school Tues/Thursday and we went to the gym on Wednesday. Then Friday was the last day of preschool and trip to the zoo. I am certain I am mourning the passing of preschool much more than they are. They do enjoy school but we have fun at home too, so they are cool either way. It is so weird to think that when I bring them back to school again in the fall this baby will still be inside but will be arriving shortly. I should at least look pregnant by then :p. I don't know why I never even considered just dropping the boys off. I could have had 6 hours off to rest and clean and shop. But I never even thought of it. I am too worried about the kiddos wandering off and not being watched closely enough. I trust their teachers, but there are a lot of kids and the last weeks in May are the busiest everywhere because of all the field trips. We had fun anyhow and Cyndel even came with us. The hardest part was staying with their class. Lots of the kids don't come all the time, so they took their time looking at everything. My kids can burn through the place and be ready for the train within an hour. We were there for 3.

Davis on a rhino statue, Carter is behind him
Big D with the lion

Carter too
Walking out with their "girlfriend". They are such flirts--they were walking hand in hand with the high school girls just as often. The trip turned out okay, they fought me a lot in the beginning, when I still had the energy to fight with them, and then mellowed out by the end--when I wore out as well. The gym, walking the dogs, and then walking across the zoo 3 times (not very orderly) in a week turned out to be a little much for me.

The absolute highlight was riding the school bus to and from the zoo. My were the boys excited about this! I actually drove my car behind them so it was delightfully quiet for Cyndel and I. :) Tomorrow I'll sign them up for school again.

Who knows? They are acting like ghosts by the way, with their McDonald's boxes on their heads.
Saturday I finally went to do what I say we are going to do every weekend but don't manage it, go to Lagoon. I did work all day (except for sneaking out to see their soccer game) and then we picked up Hillary and headed up. We got their around 7:30 (so late I know, but the boys took a nap) and ended up being there until they closed at 10. The boys had such a good time, it made it worth it for me (considering I had been up since 5 am). Davis just kept going on about how he loves Lagoon. They were quite well behaved as well except for getting overly tired hyper by the end. And suprisingly, they rode almost all new rides since the last time we went. It doesn't seem like there are that many kids rides, but enough to not repeat in 2 visits I guess. And there are more they haven't done yet. Lowell really enjoyed the time to be home and garden and clean. Silly boy. Late night, but we were all pretty happy heading home (thanks Hill!).
We got to enjoy Hillary again Monday morning when we tried out a Thanksgiving Point 3-5 year old Mom and Me class. It was about frogs. I have to say it is a pretty good deal if you are not a member. It was $10 for the class which included the entrance fee into the venue for the mom and child. Depending on the venue, that's cheaper than it would be to get in. Plus they had the 1.5 hr class with a craft, take home activity, and treat. As a member it wasn't as cheap since I would have gotten in free anyway, but still not bad. The kids enjoyed it, we saw some big frogs. Mostly they loved the bee hive that happened to be in the room the class was. Whatever. I am thinking we will do some of the Day camps this summer. It will be $90 (with our member discount) for 6 3 hr classes on things like cooking, space, and reptiles. The thought is to send the boys one at a time, one class per month. Then Lowell and I can take the other boy out for special one on one time before the baby comes. Hopefully we can work it out. Plus there's T-ball, swimming lessons, play dates at the park with the twin club, summer movie club, gym days, Lagoon days, and swimming in our backyard. Should be a full summer.
I am starting to learn I have to watch myself not to overdo it. I never think I am for the record--I can handle it. But Monday we were late leaving so I skipped breakfast for me (I do that too often) and then we were busy so I didn't eat until 2 pm. Then I scarfed some Chinese and my first snow cone of the season (yea!) and promptly crashed like a rock. I guess the sugar rush and waiting too long to eat was too much for me. I am hoping to pile more stuff on this end of the summer before I get too big--like the camping trips and hiking. I just want to do so much with my little boys while I can. In the fall they'll go to school 4 days/week and we'll have the baby, so it will be harder to just pick up and go. And by the time little miss is big enough to do a lot, the boys will be in kindergarten/first grade. So, I'll absorb all my time with them now.
Anywho, Monday night we went up AF canyon for a campfire. Just heaven for me, I was so happy to be out there and the boys too. I always forget you can just go up and have dinner, that you don't have to get the tent out just to have a fire. We found a great picnic spot and with Daddy at the fire, we had a wonderful family night.

Carter climbing rocks

Davis too

Our great spot, I loved all the big climbing rocks, certainly kept the boys busy.

Daddy and Davis roasting a hot dog

Carter eating his (up on the rocks of course, not at the picnic table)

Watching the magic that is Jiffy Pop

Davis with a big sticky S'mores smile. Makes me laugh so much.

Carter loved his as well

I don't know why he wanted me to take this pic, but it makes me smile so there you go. These almost look like all 3 could be the same kid.
Today we had another home-body day due to rain and since school is over. It was actually really nice though, we all stayed in our jammies until I left for work. We had snuggles on the couch while watching cartoons and then the boys played wii while I chilled. We worked on preschool worksheets, tried out a new Wii game, Davis helped me make dinner, then he made this bird house.

It's from a great Oriental Trading set I got last year, with 30 different projects (times 2, I bought 2 sets). I saw a little boat in there too, so we'll have to make those to test out at the new boat area in the children's garden. Oh, and they were filling up the ark pool as we were leaving Monday, so if it ever gets warm enough, we'll be back to play!
I also won my first ebay auction for clothes for little sister, so fun. I love the little warm and cozy sleepers they have for the littlest ones. I have been playing online searching out patterns for her blessing gown and for a carseat canopy. My mom and I are going to do some crafty shopping here soon for fabric and whatnot. So not my thing, but it's a good thing for grandmas. I am obsessed with my little boys and adore all things bugs and dirt, but shopping for a little girl has been fun. So many different things to think about--bows? tights? I think that's it, have a good week all.

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