Friday, April 23, 2010


When I last left you we were prepping for the boys' first soccer game. Here's the result of that: Davis excited about scoring his first goal! The game went well, the team won 11-1 with Davey scoring 2 and Carter 1. They had fun for about 10 minutes and then just wanted to sit and watch and have treats. There's only 8 players on their team, 7 there that day with 5 needed on the field and my kids are 2 of course so they needed to be playing a fair portion of the game so I was constantly dragging them out there. I thought the whole idea was wanting to play and not having to be subbed out? Whatever, my treats went over well and I was a lamely proud soccer mom. I spent the first half running up and down the sidelines cheering the boys on before figuring out it was just 4 year old soccer and sitting down. Can't help myself I guess. They have another game in the morning so we'll see if it plays out as successfully. Of course I don't know that they even know that they won, or cared. Scoring was fun but besides that everyone was just running and playing. I caught myself congratulating them on kicking the other team's butts then had to back-step and say how we all played well and had fun. They were all too cute any way you look at it.

Monday last week Hillary was kind enough to join us for tulip festival at the Gardens (and hooking us up with her employee discount on some hanging baskets, whoop!).

Isn't it getting pretty? And that's without leaves on the trees and what not. The bloom meter is at 40%, so lots still to come though daffodils were pretty much at their peak. Tomorrow is Dutch Days at the gardens so we are looking forward to some traditional food, dress, and music plus a BBQ at my parent's with a lot of the extended family attending. Yea!
We were able to play with my cousin's kids after the gardens and my goodness did the boys love it. Carter and T were playing wii (he is just 4 months older than the kiddos) and Davis was calling L his "girlfriend" (she's a little less than a year younger) and towing her all over and she was kind enough to join his games. Whitney and I got to visit, a nice day until we have to leave and oh my did the kids throw a fit! They are having trouble with that lately as well as with staying with me. It's limiting how much we're able to go out or visit. I wish I could convey that to them strongly enough--if you want to go and play you just have to behave when we're there and be nice when we leave. All they see is something they are enjoying doing ending. Plus transitions have never really been their thing.
Wednesday Lowell brought me these gorgeous red striped roses, just because, and then sent me to take a nap. Later we went to the aquarium and then Hill sat with the boys while Lowell and I went to Chili's. It was a really nice day. It left me really peaceful and relaxed for yesterday . . .until I caught the kids out in Lowell's shed (forbidden) putting fertilizer in their underwear! Seriously! Where do these kids get these ideas?!? I checked with Lowell and the fertilizer wasn't too caustic so they just got a good rinse and some new clothes. Crazy boys.
Today we joined the UVMOM play group at Kindermusik and the boys had a good time. They listened and followed directions for the most part and seemed to have fun. Yea! Then we got to go play with their twin friends J&B and how they loved that--thanks again Jess--until we had to leave of course. Sheesh, I hate the drag 2 kids kicking and screaming out to the car bit. I do think they were tired today which didn't help and Carter informed me that he was angry. He actually verbalized really well how he was upset because he really liked playing with his friends and didn't want to leave but all I could do was empathize as I had to go to work. Sometimes life is just like that, but we don't get to throw a holy fit every time things don't go our way. We have plans in the works for J&B and T&L to come and play at our house, so good times are on the way. And we're planning some hiking with A&A too--yeah for friends. And yea for Hillary being out of school--more time to play with one of our fav aunts and more chances to get out since I'll have more help. I think we'll all be going to Lagoon after Dutch Days tomorrow, tempers depending.
I realized today that part of why we haven't been doing as much is just that I am burned out from the alphabet adventures. We loved it and it was a great spring board for activities each week but now I am ready to not have to do something major every day. Maybe I'm prepping myself to be more of a home body once the baby is here.
In preschool news, thanks for your input. Janice especially convinced me that the school they are currently in is working well and academics aren't everything, or even the most important part of preparing for Kinder. So I have an appointment next month to apply for next year.
In less than a week we'll have our major anatomy scan for little sister. I am anxious to be sure she doesn't have any conditions that aren't compatible with life (yes I see way too much unusual stuff through my job). Plus Lowell is coming and it is just fun to have ultrasounds, who doesn't love watching their baby wiggle around. The past week she has really sped up in movement, my little goldfish in their swimming around. Still no name.
And then a few days later Lowell and I are going to DisneyLand overnight without the kiddos. Yea! I am so excited to get away with Lowell, even if it will be all in airports--this is our free trip for attending a time share presentation and they assign you the worst possible flights, but what they don't know is I am excited to get away and be with Lowell wherever it is! Plus I can get a Cinnabon from the airport. Then it is Mother's Day when we get back, so lots of good times ahead. :)

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