Saturday, May 29, 2010

On turning 30

So, I have to admit I have been dreading turning 30 this year. Since my last birthday I decided that I would have no more. 29 was good enough. And just for the record, I am still 29 until 9 pm tonight (at which point I will be 29 and 12 months, so there!). I did some pondering about why 30 is a difficult age to turn. I think one of the biggest reasons is that one would hope to be successful by that point in life. And you know, I can't complain. The Lord has blessed me and my family so abundantly. I have been in my chosen career field for nearly 8 years now. I found THE best possible position in my field that works with our family schedule allowing me to feel like a stay at home mom and do all that they do during the day, then have down time at work while the boys play with daddy and sleep. I honestly feel over-paid most of the time. We couldn't be happier with our home and could comfortably stay there for a long time to come. I have the best husband, truly--we have a wonderful marriage and are so contentedly happy with each other. He makes it a goal to spoil me in life and reaches that goal all the time. Even though I could never deserve such a wonderful man (score one for listening to Heavenly Father!) he still somehow considers himself the lucky one. We have 2 crazy, silly, adorable, clever little boys that we are completely in love with. They sure bring their own trials as well, but bring so much joy and adventure into our lives. And now we are 3 and a half months from meeting our new little daughter, starting a whole new adventure. I certainly feel successful. There is much I would like to still accomplish and vast things I could improve, but who said you had to have it all figured out by 30? I feel like if we were in the same place 10 years from now, I'd still be just as happy. Well, hopefully the kids have grown some and potty training is finally behind us, but you know. The other major concern of turning 30 is feeling your body getting old I think. And in this moment, I can blame it on pregnancy. Yes I am feeling creaky and bloated and can't sleep--but those are baby related and bothered me just as much at 25 with the boys. Post-baby, yes my body is aging. I don't recover like I used to and my sometimes extreme lack of sleep catches up with more and more each year. It is more difficult just to drag myself around, but I lost so much weight with the boys, I am hoping pregnancy is as kind to me this time around but with the added bonus of already knowing about the thyroid issues so maybe I'll be able to keep more of it off. Maybe. So, there you have it--even though I am still 29 and 12 months, I guess 30 wouldn't be so bad.

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